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Monjola shares new single ‘Extrovert’

“Extrovert is about not wanting to be alone but also feeling alone when you’re around people.”

Rising alt-R&B talent Monjola is one of the most exciting artists to be emerging from the burgeoning Dublin scene. Tracks such as ‘Smile’, ‘Where u at’ (with fellow rising star Aby Coulibaly) and ‘Know You’ have highlighted him as one to watch, his blend of stylish R&B innovation and his multifaceted vocal winning key admirers. Highlights of his support to date have included Radio 1Xtra, COLORS and Spotify’s New Music Friday. His reach is going global too, with airplay from KCRW in the States and triple j in Australia.

Monjola now makes a fresh statement of his huge potential as he shares his new single ‘Extrovert’, his first release of 2022.‘Extrovert’ is a song that shows Monjola’s diverse talents, as he switches his voice seemingly effortlessly from sweet, serene soul to rhymes that are as laidback as the song’s chilled-out summer heat. Written by Monjola with the help of his younger sister, Mope and produced by his brother Moyo, the song’s instrumentation also unites two contrasting worlds as sprinkles of soothing, jazzy guitar are underpinned by punchy R&B beats. Listen HERE. Watch the official video HERE.

Monjola says, “Extrovert is about not wanting to be alone but also feeling alone when you’re around people. Pushing people away cause you don’t wanna get hurt but at the same time  also craving the company of the same people.”

As ever, ‘Extrovert’ is released via the Dublin music scene’s best kept secret, Chamomile Records. The label is a triple-venture that was co-founded by Monjola, Moyo and Abi Coulibaly. The trio often collaborate together, with Moyo producing the two artists and Monjola writing lyrics and directing video content for Abi.