With the anticipated ‘Floors And Ceilings’ EP impacting later this week, today (15 June) MONOGRAMS is very pleased to reveal one of its curveball delights: “Cruel Summer”.

Offering his unique take on the 1984 hit, the alias of Ian Jacobs transforms the Bananarama classic into an altogether darker proposition in his own “nuke-wave” image.

Speaking about the choice of cover and how it came to light, Monograms says:

“Cruel Summer was a song that I started casually exploring in the wake of last summer. Looking back at those summer months in 2020, as I was living in NYC through all the strife and isolation, the content felt fitting. I also just always dug that song. A perfect pop song from the 80’s, when songs like that were anthems. As I kept working on it and started moving around the rubik’s cube of the track’s tonality into something that felt a bit more comfortable for me, I also realized how bubbly of a tune it seems but then when you peel back the top layer and read the lyrics on their own, the content is actually pretty dark, which was more appealing to me… even though now i’m hoping this summer is a bit less cruel.”

Becoming something of a fan-favourite in Monograms livestream sets over the past few months, Jacobs was encouraged by his friends and label (PaperCup Music) to give it an official studio release. Now set to appear on the ‘Floors And Ceilings’ EP (released on 18th June 2021), the track is one of seven brand new compositions that will materialise later this week. Alongside the cover version, the tracklisting for the EP includes the incisive Capitol Riots-inspired electroclash of “Speak And Spell”, the mutant americana of “Overflowing” and foreboding darkwave of “For Safety”; plus a slew of remixes by Hiko Men, Dante Fiero and Hexadiode.

As with his full-length album of last year ‘Only A Ceiling Can Stay Inside Forever’, the original material for this EP was written, recorded and produced entirely by Monograms at his home studio in Brooklyn.

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