Originally released in 1962, Monster Mash was created by American actor, singer and comedian, Bobby Pickett as a fun but spooky response to the new dance craze, the Mashed Potato, which was spreading throughout the US and around the world at the time. The single was a smash hit, entering at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US (Re-charting in 1970 and 1973). In the UK it was initially banned for radio play by the BBC on the grounds it was “Too morbid” but over a decade after its original release, it went to #3 in the UK singles chart in 1973 and re-entered the charts again in 2008. It has remained the annual go-to-song for parties that go creak in the night.

Next Habit have given this spooky little earworm an infectious 21st century remix, perfect for this year’s Halloween celebrations. The remix will also be released as a brand new animated video, showcasing a fun-packed three-minute cartoon horror story of Frankie and his monster friends bustin’ their special dance moves from the 1960s through to modern day.

Destined to be the next Tik Tok sensation, The Monster Mash will never die!

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