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Monsters album out now – The Midnight

“Should have music supervisors of future teen rom-coms on Netflix scrambling to license.” – The First Echo

The Midnight are proud to share their highly anticipated new album MONSTERS on Counter Records. Following their 2018 album KIDS, which reached #1 on the Billboard Electronic chart, MONSTERS finds the duo of Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan continuing to push the sonic and thematic boundaries of the synth-pop genre, growing beyond online cult fascination to become figureheads of a new musical movement whose impressive compositions encompass synth-driven film scores, deep house, pop, rock and more.


MONSTERS has already received critical acclaim since the album announcement, with great reception for pre-release singles. The music has been hailed as “Electrifying” (“Prom Night” in FLOOD), “Immaculate” (“Dance With Somebody” in Icon vs. Icon)and “The new synth pop you need in your life” (“Deep Blue” in TechCrunch). Amidst the fever-pitch excitement among the band’s fervent fanbase, the group recently logged its biggest single-day streaming numbers to date on Spotify.

MONSTERS is the story of being a teenager,” says the band. “Adolescence is messy, tragic, brutal, wistful, and beautiful. MONSTERS is all of that.” From the dial-up modem that kicks off album opener “1991” and the yearning talkbox filter melodies of “America Online” — a track that revels in those hopeful, naive days of the early internet — to wistful meditations on the passing of time (“Seventeen”), reflections on the slowly healing scars of past relationships (“Monsters”) and immense tracks detailing the snap judgments made in the throes of romantic infatuation (“Deep Blue”), MONSTERS is ablaze with youthful emotion. It’s a parade of feelings turned up to 11, where every furtive glance is magnified into moments of epic proportions.

In keeping with the nostalgic spirit of the project, The Midnight also rolled out a custom playlist generator in conjunction with the release of “Prom Night,” that transports fans back to their high school years by creating a custom list of hit songs based on the month and year when their prom was held.  Check it out here:

Following the release of MONSTERS, The Midnight have charted their most ambitious European tour to date.  Launching in February 2021, it will find the group playing their biggest rooms to date including the 5000 capacity O2 Academy Brixton in London.  See below for a full itinerary.

The Midnight are Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan.  Instrumentalist and producer Tim hails from the UK and Denmark and came up producing hip-hop and pop acts, while singer/lyricist/guitarist Tyler grew up in rural Georgia and was a singer-songwriter who also worked with folk and country stars.  Despite – or perhaps because of – their differing backgrounds, “few bands evoke the raw emotion that this immaculate duo convey” (Icon vs. Icon).