Refracting the wisest of life lessons through prismatic indie-folk arrangements, MORNING CRUSH aka Tim Ostrowsky-Thomas releases his new single: “Tightrope Dance”.


Produced and arranged by the one and only Frank Turner, the track is a quietly breathtaking ballad surrounding themes of identity, romance, and the challenges that come with them.

Described as “Bob Dylan-meets-Death Cab For Cutie with a British accent”, new single “Tightrope Dance” is a fine example of just what Morning Crush does best.

A bittersweet indie-folk song that blends the narrative folk style of the 1960s with a 2021 production, “Tightrope Dance” delivers a personal and political story that touches on romance, nationalism and companionship. Hooking up with Frank Turner for the release; the folk-punk stalwart helped transform the track into its elegant finished form and can also be heard providing vocals in its call-and-response chorus.

Speaking about the track’s core themes and of bringing it to life, Morning Crush says:

“The song was born out of the idea of a relationship ending at just the right time, without any baggage or drama,” says Ostrowsky-Thomas. “I had almost given up on the production for this song before Frank started working on it. I just couldn’t get it right. Frank brought it to life, he took a folk song inspired by music from the 60s and modernised it without sacrificing any of the song’s authenticity”

Morning Crush AKA Tim Ostrowsky-Thomas began busking on highstreets at 14 and sneaking into open mics under-age. A songwriter with a conscience unafraid to speak his mind, throughout his career-to-date he has used his music to speak-out about toxic masculinity, mental health issues and social unrest. Commitment to the cause, in 2015 he busked for 24 hours straight to raise money for Syria relief, and in 2017 for the mental health charity CALM.

Although Ostrowsky-Thomas only adopted the moniker Morning Crush in 2020, he had already received BBC Radio 6 airplay and had been featured on Channel 4 news as a solo artist. Developing a small but dedicated fanbase over the years, Ostrowsky-Thomas has also toured and shared stages with the likes of: Billy Ocean, Frank Turner, Nizlopi, Art Brut, Tom Grennan, Grace Petrie, and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

With its impactful sound and profound honesty, Morning Crush’s latest studio effort “Tightrope Dance” continues his journey with a new release that is as stunning as it is understated. It is released everywhere now.

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