When MOY released his  debut track ‘Start Me Up’ resulted in praise from DIY and the enigmatic young artist is perfectly poised to add to that early acclaim with his second official single ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’.

The Glasgow-based New Zealander has spent recent months writing on acoustic guitar. It’s an approach which adds a subtle lo-fi element to the song’s dynamic burst of new wave and groove-orientated indie.

Like ‘Start Me Up’MOY’s lyrics in ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ are intriguely offbeat. It’s eloquent, poetic and full of personality, yet it also possesses an ambiguity that opens up new ideas after repeated listens.

MOY wrote and recorded ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ at the height of lockdown. Separated from his regular band, he discovered that collaborating on the track remotely was an unorthodox creative method given the live energy that’s usually key to their work together.

“‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ can be interpreted in lots of ways,” says MOY. “I personally don’t like saying much and the things I want to say don’t always need to be said, I prefer expressing myself through music and photos. I’d like everyone to have their own interpretation of the song.

It was written and recorded on the acoustic guitar during the time we have spent in lockdown. When you have something new the first thing you want to do is show it to the band and start working out new parts, but we had to approach this differently. We recorded the basis of the song and layered some sounds before sending it to our drummer and guitarist, both of who set their parts which they recorded with a minimal set-up. It was a strange feeling having their sounds on the song without us all being together. “

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