The global release dates for NCT DREAM’s first movie, <NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM>, was announced today. The exhilarating movie will be coming to cinemas worldwide on Wednesday, November 30 and Saturday, December 3, with a consecutive multiple day run in South Korea beginning on November 30, and theatrical release in Japan is scheduled for December 6. <NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM> is presented in theaters worldwide by SM Entertainment, Trafalgar Releasing, and CJ 4DPLEX Inc.

The movie showcases NCT DREAM on stage and backstage at their second concert held at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul in September 2022, plus NCT DREAM’s preparations for the concert and the feverish atmosphere of the venue. Additionally, the event features a special gift for NCTzens (NCT DREAM’s official fan community) of exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the seven members of the group (MarkRenjunJenoHaechanJaeminChenleJisung) where they share candid stories and their thoughts and feelings.

Tickets will be on sale beginning Thursday, November 3 at 7 p.m. ET at Additional ticketing and exhibiting cinema information will be available at the official film website shortly.

<NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM> features the “NCT DREAM TOUR ‘THE DREAM SHOW2 : In A DREAM” concert (hereafter referred to as “THE DREAM SHOW2”), the second concert of NCT DREAM held at the Olympic Stadium in September 2022.  “THE DREAM SHOW2” was NCT DREAM’s second solo concert in just six years since their debut, which caused a stir at the Olympic Main Stadium, the largest concert hall in Korea, as it is called the “Stage of Dreams” for all artists.

The two-day concert sold out immediately, with NCT DREAM proving its potential as a superstar artist by mobilizing 135,000 audience online and offline. As the second concert was held after two years and 10 months since their first concert at Jangchung Municipal Stadium in 2019, “THE DREAM SHOW2” was a very special experience not only for the NCTzens, but also for NCT DREAM themselves, especially with the participation of “All 7 DREAMS” in a concert for the first time.

The official artwork for the upcoming movie was released today. With the seven members standing in front of a mystical temple in the background, it draws attention to the visual elements in extension of the concept of “THE DREAM SHOW2.”

<NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM> was shot with 18 ScreenX cameras—a record number ever used to record a live concert. In addition, the movie will also be released in various special formats, including 4DX, where the effects reproduce the live atmosphere of the concert, and 4DX Screen, a combination of ScreenX and 4DX.

Ticketing: On sale begins Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. EDT

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