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Nemahsis unveils her debut EP ‘eleven achers’

Burgeoning Canadian artist Nemahsis shares her highly-anticipated eleven achers EP.

Burgeoning Canadian artist Nemahsis shares her highly-anticipated eleven achers EP. To celebrate her debut project, Nemah also reveals the music video for ‘i’m not gonna kill you’.

With Nemah’s superb vocals at the forefront, ‘i’m not gonna kill you’ details the adversity she faced onboard a flight from Toronto to LA. She says, “A middle-aged 6’3 man threatened by my existence. 5 foot nothing girl with a cloth over her head.“ The young Canadian decided to use this harrowing experience and transform it into art.

Reuniting with creatives Crowns & Owls, the compelling visual for ‘i’m not gonna kill you’ follows Nemah as she shares a passionate performance of her song amongst the bustling cityscape established in the ‘dollar signs’ video.

A beautiful body of work, eleven achers comprises over 6-tracks, encapsulating Nemah’s vulnerability and innermost thoughts towards her religious heritage and complex cultural upbringing. She highlights pivotal moments in her life to date through her thought-provoking lyrics, which are becoming her musical signature.

When speaking about the inspiration behind her EP title, Nemah says, “I’ve watched every sibling leave our home at one point or another trying to “find” the part of themselves that wasn’t written by my parents. I was the only one to remain. I wasn’t curious because I observed enough to know this world is full of heartache and false hope. I wasn’t scared of being “boring” by finding happiness between these walls. slowly as we grew up, one by one, each sibling found their way back home, to our 11-acre farm. it hurt to see everyone leave what was once so natural to us… to just leave behind the foundation & relationships we built together for something foreign.”

Alongside the lead single ‘i’m not gonna kill you’, Nemah’s debut EP includes new tracks ‘immigrant’s tale’, ‘suicide’, ‘hold on to me’ as well as previous releases, ‘dollar signs’, and ‘paper thin’.

Hailing from the outskirts of Toronto, Nemahsis began paving the way for her musical career last year. Her debut single ‘what if i took it off for you?’, which is approaching 2 million Spotify streams, defines so much of what she does as an artist; she stands up for what she believes in and what is right by her community. As a young Muslim woman, Nemah claims, “I’m not going to be anybody’s token Hijabi girl.”