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Nessa Barrett releases ‘Dying On The Inside’

Nessa Barrett releases powerful new single ‘dying on the inside’, which is out today.

Nessa Barrett doubles down on her signature vulnerability on the powerful new single ‘dying on the inside’, which is out today. The propulsive alt-pop track further solidifies the breakout artist’s evocative, self-reflective songwriting that was previously showcased on her seven-track debut EP, 2021’s ‘pretty poison’.

“I’ve talked about my borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression,” Barrett says of her unfiltered approach to songwriting, “but the one thing that I have been struggling to open up about has been my eating disorder.” Writing and recording the song turned out to be a cathartic experience. “The first time I heard ‘dying on the inside’, I couldn’t stop crying. It is one of the most honest songs that I’ve ever made.”

Produced by frequent collaborator Evan Blair, the gripping track begins as a ballad, with Barrett calling out damaging beauty standards, cleverly describing her struggles as “the dinner conversation no one talks about”, before ramping up into a drum-backed chorus where her admissions get even rawer. “I hate that I always look my best when I’m dying on the inside,” she sings over chaotic, rock-fuelled instrumentation.

The timely themes covered by ‘dying on the inside’ are perfectly captured by the gritty visual, which Barrett conceptualized. It sees the singer-songwriter battle against her bathroom scales, going on a night-time drive and, in a cathartic moment, burning a magazine as a protest against the media’s damaging beauty standards.

Barrett opened up about the song when she featured on the cover of the January issue of Seventeen magazine. “I wanted to share my experience with [an eating disorder] that I’ve had, while also being able to make a song that people can relate to. Even if they don’t have an eating disorder, they might still struggle with comparing themselves to other people online.”

After being named as one of Billboard’s 21 Under 21 as well as being highlighted in Artists to Watch in 2022 lists by Pandora and Ones to Watch, Barrett is determined to share her raw, brazenly honest songs with as many people as possible.