Here is a collection of new albums and EPs that have been released today on New Music Friday


One of the UK’s most beloved British bands Madness have today unveiled their highly anticipated, 13th full length album Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie, via BMG. The long awaited album comes seven years after the release of their last record. Available here.

In a joint statement about the new LP, Madness said: “Well, well, well, here we are… our 13th album (lucky for some). ‘Theatre Of The Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie’ is ready for your ears. For us, recording it was the perfect antidote to the chaos of the past few years – we were all there, properly in the zone. It was just us, in an industrial unit in Cricklewood, playing together. We loved it!”

Lead single ‘C’est La Vie’ featured as the ‘Record of the Week’ on BBC Radio 2 as well as being added to the A-list upon release. The song has an eerie space-ska feel and reflects on the perils of everyday life. ‘C’est La Vie’ was introduced to the world by Helen Mirren who recorded a self tape performing her very own interpretation of the song, before ever hearing it.

The governing principle behind Theatre Of the Absurd Presents C’Est La Vie, is: “let Madness be Madness”. The result is an album of typically timeless brilliance that also reflects the wonky years of its creation, these 14 songs representing the cream of the bumper crop of tunes the group cooked up, whittled down this punchy, focused set.


Wrabel has released his sophomore album ‘based on a true story’ – an inspired next chapter in the career of one of modern pop’s most prolific talents. Today’s new LP is an amalgamation of the celebrated songwriter and artist’s previous two EPs ‘chapter of me’ and ‘chapter of you’, both of which unfolded throughout 2023 showcasing Wrabel’s never-endingly brilliant knack for nuanced storytelling, lyricism and inescapable earworms. On the LP, the aforementioned EPs are brought together by a batch of new tracks, including the lush most recent single “happier” and his own recording of “lost cause” (a Wrabel-penned highlight off of P!nk’s most recent album ‘Trustfall’.) Watch the lyric video to “lost cause” here.

Of the new album, Wrabel shared, “I had a very clear intention with the album to try and offer some hope. Like a shoulder to lean on, a friend to confide in… sharing parts of myself that scare me. Sharing things I’ve been through in the hopes that it may make you feel less alone. The last group of new songs I feel ties together the previous chapters and offer some more depth. If I had one dream for the album as a whole it would be simply that I hope it brings you comfort and hope. I put a lot of heart into this and I hope it reaches yours. And as always I couldn’t have done it without my incredible friends and collaborators and my incredible family team around me.”


Emeli Sandé today releases her fifth and arguably strongest album of her career in the shape of ‘How Were To We Know’. Emerging just 18 months after her critically adored ‘Let’s Say For Instance’, ‘How We Were To Know’ explores love and relationships in their myriad array of forms, and especially the vulnerability that comes when you’ve been hurt but still feel compelled to take a chance to find a new love.

‘How We We To Know’ also sees Emeli coming full circle. Her debut album, ‘Our Version of Events’, was written gradually as its songs charted her life being moving to London to commence her career. This time, Emeli was similarly able to take her time to fully express herself with the majority of its songs being written during lockdown, while maintaining full creative freedom over the project also allowed her to tap deeper into her personal thoughts and instincts than ever before. Collectively it charts love’s tapestry, from hope to heartbreak and everything in between, yet the emotion that emerges most dominantly is one of optimism.

Emeli says, “It takes a lot, in this industry, to maintain hope and optimism. What keeps me going are these kinds of messages, and being able to get them out there to others. Because if you hear a piece of music that touches your soul, it reignites your spirit, and awakens something within. I hope this album inspires people in the same way.”


Critically acclaimed multi-hyphenate Reneé Rapp releases Snow Angel Deluxe, the follow up to debut album Snow Angel. The latter released this summer earning the largest first week sales for a female artist’s debut album. Snow Angel Deluxe boasts four new songs, including a remix of standout track “Tummy Hurts” featuring GRAMMY®-nominated R&B sensation Coco Jones. Stream Snow Angel Deluxe by Reneé Rapp HERE.

This new iteration of “Tummy Hurts” takes Rapp’s original concept deeper with the addition of Jones’ soulful talent, driving home the song’s heartbreaking underpinnings. On the track, the two breakout stars seamlessly weave between verses, complementing each other with their impressively smooth and emotional vocals. Additional new records include “Messy”, “Swim” and “I Do”, another powerful ballad which has become a quintessential part of Rapp’s discography.


If there’s something on your mind, let it out! That’s the empowering message behind Lex Gibbon’s debut EP ‘I’ve Got Something To Say’ which is out now. It emerges after the 18-year-old received her first ever Radio 1 play on Mollie King’s Future Pop for her previous single ‘Own Advice’ which she followed with another Future Pop play last night, this time for the EP’s new single ‘Let Them Down’.

‘Let Them Down’ is Lex’s most affecting moment to date. The initially minimalist production exposes the pain and uncertainty of Lex’s deeply personal lyrics for all to hear and connect with as she notes the vulnerabilities that come as she approaches her twenties. She addresses those issues – the pressure to be something she’s not, the continuing struggle to identify who she really is – but also finds the strength to acknowledge that life is a long process of doing your best regardless of the circumstances. And when the beat hits with thunderous resonance, Lex’s voice ascends to skyscraping heights like the most down-to-earth diva imaginable.

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