Here is a selection of new EPs and albums out today on New Music Friday


James McVey is best known for his chart-topping, arena-filling success with The Vamps, and while that’s a big part of who he is, it’s certainly not all he is. As we’ve heard on his first two solo tracks, ‘Blood and Bones’ and ‘Dancing on the Head of a Needle’, James is also a singer-songwriter highly attuned to expressing more introspective emotions. In a sound that echoes his appreciation of the likes of Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and Dermot Kennedy, James has opened his emotions to unveil heartfelt truths about love, mental health struggles and plenty more.

Now James follows those two singles with today’s release of his debut solo EP ‘Manabi’. The title – a Japanese word that translates as “learning from study” – is indicative of the process that James underwent while writing and recording its six songs. The project started when James was silenced as he recovered from career-saving surgery on his vocal cords, and he grew in confidence as the project unfolded. He learned to accept that life is a journey of balancing its many highs and lows.

James says, “It’s strange, but I haven’t really felt any pressure with releasing this EP, because I’m so happy with my work with The Vamps. It just meant that on ‘Manabi’, I was really able to dive into it. There’s not a single lyric on here that I don’t believe in, no throwaway line. Each and every word has been meticulously thought through. And they’re real stories.”


Released today, the core message to take away from Mega’s third EP ‘Honour and Glory’ is to take a moment to reflect on your achievements. And in that respect, Mega has plenty to celebrate. The EP is powered by her winning vocal talent, a voice that was developed in gospel groups in her teens and that overcame career-threatening health issues on her way to the artist that she now is. Her songwriting is just as essential, with Mega exploring her inner fragilities and sourcing a deeper empowerment that will speak stridently to anyone who deserves a timely boost to their self-esteem.

Mega says, “‘Honour and Glory’ is a reminder to celebrate where you are at in your life and learn to honour it. Amongst all the madness of it all, stopping and giving yourself a pat on the back and saying, ‘I’m proud of you.’ Life is a JOURNEY. And this EP takes you on a journey of all the emotions. Often we are in such a rush to move on to the next thing or afraid that we are running out of time; and so it can feel like we can’t afford to stop, particularly in this current climate where everything is so fast paced. ‘Honour and Glory’ is a reminder that we are not running out of time.


Rising star Irish singer-songwriter Darren Kiely releases his debut EP, Lost, today. Listen here.

“I’m really excited to release a project that reflects on my journey to this point,” Kiely said. “This EP describes so much of the last few years of my life and I can’t wait to see what you think of it.”

Kiely’s unique presentation of folk-infused pop and lush storytelling, which echoes the backdrop of the Irish countryside where he was raised, is the forefront of his Lost EP. Kiely solo-wrote four of the seven tracks on the project and co-wrote the other three. Lost explores the triumphant war of overcoming self-doubt, struggling to find himself, questioning emotions and seeking answers. The EP features “Mom & Dad,” which was released this summer as an ode to Kiely’s parents for helping him through tough times. The song debuted in the Top 40 on the Irish Singles Chart and landed him in the Top 5 on the Irish Homegrown chart.

Lost also includes his new song “Lost & Found,” released last month. Following its release, Grateful Web praised Kiely, noting that he “masterfully carves out his distinctive sound, ensuring he’s not just another voice in the crowd but a force to be reckoned with…


Acclaimed UK singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg celebrates 10 years since the release of his seminal album All The Little Lights with the release of All The Little Lights (Anniversary Edition). Entirely re-recorded and completely re-imagined, Passenger infuses these songs with another decade of experience and wisdom as he calls friends like Foy Vance, Gabrielle Aplin and Nina Nesbitt for special collaborations. Through it all, he preserves all the spirit and soul of the original while breathing new life into these well-loved Passenger staples. Listen HERE.

With the album’s release comes a brand-new video for the re-recording of “Let Her Go” featuring one final collaboration with Passenger’s longtime friend and tour mate, Ed Sheeran. The original global smash single went #1 in 19 countries, and today it has over 6 billion combined streams, is the #2 most Shazamed song of all time, and remains the 16th most viewed video on YouTube of all time.

Passenger will play special album release show at London’s Union Chapel on November 15th, along with a run of UK Record Store shows, all of which sold-out in under 24 hours.


indie-pop artist Rosie Darling releases her debut album Lanterns via Nettwerk – an exploration of confessions, heartbreak and acceptance. Rosie has entwined her lyrical prowess with her honeyed vocals to create a record that is utterly raw and genuine to her.

Rosie’s latest emphasis track from the record is the “Longest Goodbye.” It is a heartfelt reflection on the enduring pain and nostalgia of a past relationship that lingers, despite attempts to move on. Each track illuminates different facets of her life and emotions taking us on an intimate yet anthemic journey…

Listen to Lanterns HERE

The result of Rosie’s remarkable talent and exceptional collaborations, including Justin Gammella (FINNEAS, Ashe), Wynter Bethel of Tommy Lefroy and Swedish-based songwriters Boy in Space, Hilda Stenmalm, is a stunning collection of poetic alt-pop tracks that unpack the emotions of young adulthood. Lanterns challenges us to look within and accept all that life throws at us.

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