We have a selection of new music out today from, Jewelia, Cian Ducrot, Jimmy Sax, Hana Lili and many more, see below ….

Hana Lili’s previous single ‘Basement’ saw the young Welsh artist continue to boost her rising reputation, as she added Radio 1 Future Pop plays from Mollie King and Maia Beth to breakthrough moments which have included stadium shows as guests to Coldplay as well as gigs with Circa Waves and Tom Grennan. Today sees Hana amplified her ascendent next wave status with the release of the new music single ‘Iconic’. Listen HERE.

‘Iconic’ surges with a tidal wave of sweet melody and abrasive guitars, as Hana’s songwriting possesses a broad alt-pop appeal but with the tumultuous growing pains that inform emo. Her voice hits a similar tonal balance: a clear, appealing vocal informed by the pained experience of being in a situation that came about more through over-thinking than because of any IRL events. It’s a song that is indicative of her growing following – each song evocatively capturing an intensely personal moment.

Hana says, “‘Iconic’ is about a boy where it felt like everything happened but at the same time nothing at all. It was an internal moment, and nothing more than that: never spoken about or acted on. The song poses a juxtaposition between the feeling of having a crush, and wondering if it was all in your head or if it actually really happened.”

A future summer smash, ‘A Million Miles’ finds Jimmy channelling his distinctive talents into the new music, a song of vibrant pop appeal. From Steve Edwards’ smooth, soulful vocals to Jimmy’s enlivening sax, everything about the song feels so naturally uplifting. That feel-good sound is sure to cast its spell in the coming months, appealing as much to the energy of the dancefloor as it will to laidback late nights by the poolside. Listen HERE. Watch the video HERE.

Jimmy says, “A Million Miles” captures the essence of my journey over countless miles, this song speaks volumes to me. With Steve Edwards’ magical voice, we’ve crafted a pop-electronic gem that wants to stand the test of time. It’s a piece we’re truly proud to share.”

The luminous vibe that the two artists share on record translates just as naturally to the track’s visual. It’s a simple concept – an energising performance mixed with a playful photoshoot – but it really captures just how much fun that the pair had had while making the track.

Jack strides into a bigger year to come as he shares new music and the brand new single ‘Always Something You Can Do’ as the first track to preview the September 6th release of his new EP ‘Not In Kansas Anymore’. Both the single and EP were produced by his friend and labelmate Jamie Webster, and will be released via Modern Sky (Lottery Winners, Red Rum Club).

‘Always Something You Can Do’ introduces a much bigger sound from Jack, one which pulls together elements from his UK indie-pop roots with time-honoured Americana, some Rolling Stones-tinged guitars and uplifting vocal harmonies. Lyrically it comes from a similar place: the belief that a personal connection can bring a little escape from even the toughest of times.

‘Always Something You Can Do’ is the song that first won over Jamie Webster when he saw Jack perform at Glastonbury in 2023. That led to them working on the song together and the sessions went so well that Jack asked Jamie and his regular collaborator Tim Cunningham to produce the rest of the EP too. The mutual admiration between Jack and Jamie also established a strong kinship between them, the pair both enjoying the experience and eager to experiment with the other’s ideas. Jamie also contributes backing vocals on the EP.

Three years in the making and previewed by an array of earworm singles such as ‘Invisible Wall’ and ‘Second Best’, Jewelia today unveils her brand new alternative pop album ‘Little Wins’.

The 12 tracks on ‘Little Wins’ are united by a central theme: celebrating self-acceptance. We’re conditioned to believe that we can achieve anything if only we work hard enough. Yet the reality is that the demands of life and unseen circumstances often present unexpected obstacles to even our best prepared plans. Collectively, ‘Little Wins’ implores us to accept that not everything is possible and to instead celebrate the things that we have achieved: little wins are indeed important.

Jewelia says, “The whole album fluctuates between self-encouragement and unforgiving self-judgement, but overall, there’s a constant yearning for self-forgiveness, with the conclusion that we all do the best we can, and that’s ok, and we should celebrate where we are, looking back at where we came from.”

The album’s new focus track ‘Queen of Make Believe’ is a key moment of that message. It’s a flamboyant synth-pop mantra to fake-it-until-you-make-it and to crush the self-doubt that plagues you in the small hours. Jewelia’s radiant vocals exude positivity, providing an abundance of self-belief further heightened by the feelgood flow of the song’s 2020s alt-pop meets classic ‘80s/’90s synth-pop energy.

Cian lines up an even bigger new era as he shares his brand new single ‘Here It Is’. Listen HERE.

The reaction to the track’s teasers suggests ‘Here It Is’ could be Cian’s biggest moment so far, with 3.6 million views and over 250,000 interactions to date as well as constant demands to release the song. ‘Here It Is’ lives up to that impassioned response, as Cian’s vulnerable vocal exhibits the hurt and heartbreak that come when you realise that a cherished love is nearing the end of the road. It’s a song that encapsulates everything fans have come to love Cian for, but with its charged emotions set to stun.

Cian says, “‘Here It Is’ is a song I wrote about the aftermath of something tragic tearing a relationship apart. Sometimes something happens and no matter how hard the two people try to heal and make things better it’s not enough and they begin to fall apart.”

Following last month’s release of “Pages” and “On The Run,” acclaimed Scottish singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Nina Nesbitt returns today with new music “Mansion,” a spectral, gossamer track that pleads with a close friend to see the beauty within themselves. The song will appear on Nina’s forthcoming fourth studio album, Mountain Music, which is due to be released on September 27, via her own record label—Apple Tree Records. The album is now available to pre-order/save HERE.

Speaking about the new song, Nina reveals, “I wrote it for a friend of mine after finding out how she saw herself. To me, she’s like a beautiful mansion in the middle of a dreary city. She’s covered in wisteria vines and roses. Everyone that passes her stops and stares, but she’s had her curtains drawn. She hasn’t let the light in for years. Dust has been gathering inside and things have been falling into disrepair. She’s been in the dark so long, she’s forgotten her own magic. People have treated her like a transient hallway. Temporary accommodation. A place to store their baggage. She was too afraid to let people in that no one got to see the grand ballroom or the beautiful lake view from the window in the library, full of lives lived. This song is for anyone who has struggled to realize their own worth – or had others devalue it. Sometimes you just need a friend to remind you, you are a Mansion.”

“Mansion” serves as the follow up to “Pages”, on which we hear the ache of experience as Nina sings over tenderly picked guitar and soft piano chords: “Cause I’m ‘bout two years from 30/ and life scares me more each day/ I’ve got a man that swears he loves me/ But I’m afraid that he won’t stay…”

Harleymoon Kemp’s early career achievements have seen her land a UK country #1 hit with ‘Space’ and win the prestigious Horizon Award for best new artist at the British Country Music Awards as well as playing high profile festival sets at the Isle of Wight and C2C. Now the singer and songwriter is set to elevate herself to the next level with the May 31st release of her debut EP ‘Lone Ranger’. Today she previews the EP by sharing new music, ‘What Good Looks Like’. Listen HERE.

‘What Good Looks Like’ demonstrates that Harleymoon’s songcraft stands out even in the most stripped-back of sounds. Performed with both gracious control and exposed emotional vulnerability, she celebrates the strength that comes with knowing who you are and what a relationship should offer you. Just as importantly, it acknowledges how important the influence of your family is in shaping your hopes and expectations for the future.

Harleymoon says, “My parents gave me an amazing gift, showing me what a loving relationship looks like. It has made it potentially harder for me to settle into love and relationships because they have set the bar so high (a gift and a curse – I’m expecting rainbows maybe). They have shown me what true best friends are, what trust and support is… even if it’s just getting up early to start up the car so it’s not cold when the other person gets in. That’s what good looks like to me.

‘I know what good looks like’ was a line I just kept on saying whenever people asked why I was single. It was so easy to write this song it only took a couple of hours because the story was already my truth.”

Turning the page on another creative chapter, Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rett Madison shares her atmospheric new single entitled “Apocalyptic Folk Song.” Listen HERE

“I wrote ‘Apocalyptic Folk Song’ about climate anxiety and my existential dread,” shares Madison. On the track, she laments how, “Children are dying from the heat,” while going on to face the flames head-on, “Presidents are gluttonous for violence and greed.” Sonically, earthy percussion anchors the track as she conjures up soulful harmonies between a loose guitar rhythm. She contorts her voice from a smoky timbre on the verses into a cathartic wail on the chorus. It only paves the way for more new music to come from the rapidly rising troubadour.

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