UK/Irish trio New Rules are ringing in the holiday season with a Christmas double single. Written solely by the band, their original track “Might Ruin Christmas” arrives as a welcome addition to the modern Christmas canon – a cheeky offering exploring what can happen when you have a little too much fun the night before the holiday. The group also shared a cover of the Christmas classic, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” giving the track a fresh take with stacked harmonies, jaunty guitars, and an explosive chorus. Both songs are available now via Parlophone.

On the idea behind “Might Ruin Christmas,” New Rules explains: “One of the best things about Christmas is getting to go home and catch up with all your friends, but with that comes the risk of getting too ‘merry’ the night before and wrecking Christmas Day for everyone – getting home too late, snacking on the turkey, knocking over the tree… all potential hazards we have to avoid around the holiday season. ‘Might Ruin Christmas’ is a song that we think captures that ‘night before’ feeling.”

Last month, New Rules played a packed headline show at Islington Assembly Hall and debuted their captivating new single and video “Ghost Town,” which was featured as Maia Beth’s Poppest Track on BBC Sounds. Written by New Rules and John Ryan [One Direction, Niall Horan, Sabrina Carpenter], “Ghost Town” laments the demise of a relationship and the feeling of abandonment that comes after. Directed by Devon Kuziw, the haunting visual toys with the song’s concept, flipping it on its head to present the group as ghosts in a world that has lost substance to them without their partner.

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