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Nick Leng reveals ‘Don’t Waste My Time’

Nick Leng has cemented himself as an artist to watch with LEMONS. Born of an emotional breakup, apartment fire and subsequent loss of a friend, the creation of this body of work is the result of personal odyssey

Fresh from the release of his well-received debut album LEMONS,  South Africa born/ LA based polymath Nick Leng today reveals the stunning video for Waste My Time. Directed by the brilliant Avery Wheless, the video perfectly complements the deeply personal track.

Speaking on the videoAvery Wheless states:

Nick is a naturally performative and engaging person, so when he asked me to shoot, I knew I wanted to capture him as organically as possible. I decided to use my little vhs camera and some polaroid film. He was so in his element and at ease as we talked and walked throughout his favorite parts of the house and its surrounding neighborhood. It felt just like a normal day of hanging out, which was exactly how I wanted it.

Nick Leng continues:

When Avery and I shot this, it was in one of those weird times when we both had found ourselves in between projects, anxious about what was to come next and itching to do something creative.

I needed to come up for visuals for my next album and it was a rare opportunity that after wanting to work together for a long time, both of us were free. We talked about shooting concepts and were all set to go, but within the next day was notified that I had to abruptly move out of my beloved house where I worked on LEMONS and had so many incredible memories and experiences. I felt so inspired there and the incoming loss was leaving me quite devastated and stressed, so we said fuck it– lets just shoot something here. It doesn’t need to be fancy or have lots of prep. Lets just make something.

So that’s what we did. Avery brought her little vhs camera and some polaroid film and we just hung out and shot. She wanted a simple organic portrait of me in my space so we moved throughout my favorite nooks and areas of the house and its neighborhood–now a little memento. A moment in time I am so glad we captured.