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Nick Reeve releases his new single ‘Magic’

London based singer-songwriter Nick Reeve releases his new single ‘Magic’, out now on all streaming platforms.

London based singer-songwriter Nick Reeve releases his new single Magic, out now on all streaming platforms. Nick also shares his new music video which he self-directed and filmed in his garage. 

Nick wrote the track with London producer Tom Ryan during lockdown through virtual sessions. His music fuses elements of pop, rock, electronic and soul, paired with Nick’s passionate and honest lyrics. The catchy melody compliments his incredibly touching vocals to create a pop song that has a well needed message that you can easily listen to over and over again.

A sensitive observer of life, he is keen to deliver a positive and energising message through his new track – an upbeat song of hope and desire. ‘Magic’ will have you not only punching the air but will also urge you to ask a few introspective questions. 

Speaking of the track, Nick says “I am always writing new songs and the chorus of Magic just came to me one day. I was thinking about how we often stay in a situation (possibly love) when in our hearts we know it’s not what we truly desire. We all want to feel that ‘magic’ feeling and we know it when it hits us, we also know that we are taking a risk by holding out for it but it’s a chance we have to take!

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want my music to send a positive message of love that truthfully reflects my hopeful outlook of the world.” 

Nick Reeve has been a professional singer and piano player for many years and has performed at some of London’s most prized venues. During lockdown, Nick has been performing regular live stream shows while venues are waiting to re-open. Engaging virtually with a variety of talented producers and musicians, ‘Magic’ is the first of many new releases to come.