Nick Wilson has continued his rich run of form since signing to Never Fade Records, and was boosted by an ambitious and cinematic accompanying video, whilst also being added to key playlists including Spotify’s ‘Most Beautiful Songs In The World’ and Apple’s ‘Breaking Singer Songwriter’. He now once again raises his game as he shares his brand new single ‘Everybody But Me’. Listen HERE.

While the 25-year-old’s songs are often infused with the pain of lost love, ‘Everybody But Me’ comes from a more troubled place. “I know I should feel a little better about it but I don’t,” he sings, backed by a sparse piano arrangement that reveals the full power of the lyrics. The production gains in stature with a reverb-heavy beat, but his words become all the more desperate: “I don’t recognise me and it scares me.”

Nick explains, “Everybody But Me is a song about hitting your lowest point, and feeling like it’s impossible to climb back up. It’s so easy to see what you think is other people at their happiest when you’re at your lowest, and it’s in that comparison that you end up feeling even worse, lonely and on your own. This song for me was a way of articulating that need to be helped out of that hole by the person you love the most. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are good enough; to be shown what we can’t see ourselves.”

The recent playlist for Wonderland offered an insight into the influences of Nick Wilson, ranging from all-time greats such as Joni Mitchell to highly acclaimed contemporary artists such as Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen. Meanwhile, Nick himself is earning respect from high profile fans, notably Demi Lovato. And he’s destined for a further wave of discovery to build upon countless New Music Friday playlists and 80 million career streams to date.


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