Rising afro-jazz singer, songwriter and artist Nissi today released a vibrant new single entitled “Judi” along with an accompanying music video. “Judi” follows the release of the London-based, Nigerian-born artist’s songs “Trouble” and “Tornado”, which were released at the end of 2019 and will be featured on her forthcoming debut EP, due out later this summer via Platoon.

Listen to “Judi” on your streaming service of choice HERE and check out the colorful music video below.

“Judi is a song that essentially means ‘dance’ or more literally ‘move your ass’ in Yoruba,” said Nissi. “This song is about finding the moments of joy in a life filled with more problems than solutions. I wanted it to be true to real life and at that moment in my life it felt like all I did was work and problem solve but never made time to actually find moments to just enjoy life so this song was just as much me talking to myself, as to the rest of the world because I feel like at some point we all go through this – we all get tired, face problems and need to just let loose sometimes.” She added: “This can also apply to where we are now in the world where it seems there’s just a lot of darkness and negativity. This is a song to remind us to take a moment and exhale, have a laugh, dance a little.Judi is a piece of a bigger jigsaw puzzle. Its intention is to remind people to live life to the fullest despite the issues we face daily.”

The music video for “Judi” was shot in Lagos, Nigeria and directed by The Alien, and showcases vibrant choreography set against a bustling urban landscape.

Nissi was recently featured in Billboard’s Platoon Africa artist showcase, where she performed a stripped down set of three songs, which Billboard praised as “moving”. Watch the performance HERE.

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