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Nordic Duo When Airy Met Fairy release new track

“We feel the Coronavirus pandemic added new meaning to the track. Though originally looking at self-absorption and social media,”

Nordic duo When ‘Airy Met Fairy (WAMF) released their brand-new single and video, ‘Inside Your Lungs Superstar’ on April 24th. It follows their reimagination of Rufus Wainwright’s, ‘Going To A Town check it out here.
and arrived as the fourth track from their anticipated second album, Esprit De Corps – out May 8th

Condemning society’s social media obsession, their new single, ‘Inside Your Lungs Superstar’ is a percussive groove grimly ridiculing our dystopian, digital reality. With infinite connectivity making us all the more isolated, the recent developments of the Coronavirus crisis make this track all the more relevant. The video serves up an abstract portrait of a lonely and disconnected existence. 

WAMF’s Thorunn Egilsdottir: We feel the Coronavirus pandemic added new meaning to the track. Though originally looking at self-absorption and social media, the song and the video now ponder the reality of our new lifestyle: isolated and craving for connection.”

Translated literally from the French expression, the new album’s title, Esprit De Corps means ‘spirit of the body’. It’s a concept of grandiose proportions and one that When ‘Airy Met Fairy relay with absolute artistic assurance. Brimming with subtle melody and minimalist instrumentation, their emotive melancholy excavates the foundations of our very being. Ebbing and flowing like a distant memory and simultaneously embodying all that makes us innately human.

Developing the stripped back intimacy of their critically acclaimed 2018 debut Glow, WAMF have spent the last few months cultivating their sound’s bewitching aesthetic. Locked up inside Mike Koster’s empty apartment, sitting upon the derelict wooden floorboards, their bare and intimate surroundings provided an ideal canvas. Infusing elements of meticulously crafted trip-hop, Esprit De Corps paints an honest portrait that retains its own blemishes and imperfections.

Vocals/instrumentalist, Thorunn Egilsdottir: “To me this album captivates the essence of who we are as people. No attempt to embellish anything. We left the sounds of me breathing and Mike’s instruments rattling while we switch between intensity and intimacy.”

When ‘Airy Met Fairy consists of Iceland’s Thorunn Egilsdottir and Luxembourg’s Mike Koster. First forming in 2015, the pair were spotted by Icelandic musician Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang, Lady & Bird, Starwalker), who went on to produce their maiden single, ‘Intoxicated’. Later releasing their debut album Glow in 2018, it garnered critical praise from the likes of ClashLine of Best FitThe 405Louder Than War and God is in the TV. Touring and playing shows all over the world, WAMF have performed at notable festivals such as The Great EscapeReeperbahnIceland Airwaves and Eurosonic.

WAMF’s second album, Esprit De Corps will be released on May 8th 2020