Norwegian duo Seeb have collaborated with singer-songwriter Zak Abel on euphoric new single ‘Sad In Scandinavia’, out now via Positiva. ‘Sad In Scandinavia’ is the title single of their new album, of which part one – made up of five tracks – will be released on July 24th.

Boasting a songscape of Nordic noir, throwback disco-inspired riffs and universally relatable songwriting endorsed by Abel’s standout vocal, this infectious sad-banger brings a whole new meaning to the word melancholy.

Speaking on the music, Seeb said “to us, ‘Sad in Scandinavia’ is our image of the mix between light and dark, much like the way of life up here in northern Scandinavia. Always shifting but yet always constant.

Melancholy has always been a big part of Scandinavian music and culture and we are very inspired by that. We always carry that bit of darkness inside us that still shows up despite having almost endless summers when the sun doesn’t set. I think it can be heard in our music”.

On his involvement on the song, Zak explains: “‘Sad in Scandinavia’ is about how you can travel the world but if you are not over someone, the feelings you have towards that person will follow you wherever you go. I was feeling a bit low on a freezing day in Oslo. Luckily the studio was warm, so were Seeb! Truly lovely guys and it was awesome to collaborate with them on this track.”

Seeb garnered worldwide acclaim through their game-changing remix of Mike Posner’s ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ (currently the 39th most-streamed song of the last decade). Their craft of creating impactful dance music with human sensibilities has led the duo to work with the likes of Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Bastille and Dagny.

With over 70 gold/platinum certifications globally, It’s safe to say that Seeb have enjoyed massive success since first entering the music scene in 2015, and now they’re ready to proceed with new and genre-defying music. Seeb has scored billions of streams across all platforms to the point where statistically, “every other person in the world has heard one of our songs,” explains Seeb’s Simen Eriksrud.

‘Sad In Scandinavia’ marks an exciting new chapter for Seeb and sonically echoes an ethos they hold close to their music – forever changing and never what you expect.


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