Old Dominion has become one of the most bankable groups in American music. More than country, pop, or whatever one listens to trying to unwind, the rhythmically propulsive band of brothers who came together over their love of writing songs steps into a new phase of life – musically, especially – with Memory Lane, the 8-song EP out today, co-produced by the band and long-time collaborator Shane McAnally. Listen to Memory Lane HERE.
Lead singer/guitarist Matthew Ramsey, guitarist/keyboardist/accordion player/vocalist Trevor Rosen, guitarist/vocalist Brad Tursi, bassist/vocalist Geoff Sprung and drummer Whit Sellers, Old Dominion are good-time musicians who are as prolific as hitmakers for others as they are a No. 1 factory of their own. The band decided to layer up their production, create harmonies on their harmonies and dig a little further into the life changes that most people breeze by. Silky, lush, and percussive, the six-time Academy of Country Music Group of the Year and five-time Country Music Association Vocal Group of the Year lean into the ones who got away on opener “I Should Have Married You” through the stages of wanting, having, holding and regretting all the way to the final track, “Freedom Like You,” a lifting celebration of that one love that leaves you more alive than you’ve ever been.

“We’ve been through hotel keys, one-man bands, boats for the day, meat, candy, happy endings, therapy and tequila,” says Ramsey with a laugh. “We’ve put hooks on our hooks, and all kinds of sing- and clap-alongs, and we love the look on fans faces when we play all these songs live, but we’re all adults: we know life is sometimes a little more complicated.”
“We didn’t want to get all heavy and serious,” picks up Tursi. “But we figured we could keep doing what we do… and maybe go a little further into thinking about life. When we started writing, started working these songs up, they felt just as good – even while going deeper.”

With Memory Lane rolling out now, their No Bad Vibes Tour picks up June 30/July 1 with a doubleheader at Lake Tahoe’s Outside Arena and runs hard in some of the nation’s most iconic arenas, choice festivals and the occasional tennis stadium through a three-night stand at Key West’s Coffee Butler Amphitheater March 22-24.

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