New Music Friday and here are our choices of great tracks release from around the globe that are out now.

1. Shibashi – ‘Open My Eyes’

Brazilian born, Belfast based Shibashi AKA Gigi Monterro today drops his debut EP along with new single ‘Open My Eyes’, his stunning collaboration with legendary disco queen, Candi Staton.  Listen to the EP here

The disco pop anthem sees Shibashi mixing bouncy grooves and shimmering guitars with vocals from iconic soul singer Candi Staton. When writing the song many moons ago, Shibashi had only one person in mind for the vocals, having always dreamed of collaborating with the ‘You Got The Love’ singer.  The video features Candi singing and dancing whilst original rave footage plays in the background transporting viewers on a nostalgic trip, adding to the elated emotions that are triggered by the track.

Candi said “Open My Eyes’ is a really different song for me. I’ve sung a lot of different styles of music in my career, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a song like this one.

“I was very flattered that Shibashi wanted me to sing with him and I think it turned out great. It’s upbeat and it was a lot of fun to sing. I hope my fans and Shibashi’s fans love this little musical marriage as much as I do.”

2. Chase Rice Releases – ‘If I Were Rock & Roll’ 

Multi-Platinum entertainer Chase Rice has opened a new chapter today (Oct 8th), grounded in vulnerability and authenticity with the release of his latest single ‘If I Were Rock & Roll,’ the first of what’s to come produced by Jay Joyce. The song marks the first major release written completely independently by Rice and serves as the initial sampling of an album’s worth of new music to come.

For Chase Rice, the past decade-plus has been a rollercoaster ride of success in the music industry; from first making a name for himself as a songwriter on the record-setting, Diamond-certified smash hit, ‘Cruise,’ to early success at radio in his own right as an artist and, more recently, earning multiple Platinum and Double-Platinum certifications while returning to the top of the charts. Despite these achievements (that by any conventional terms would be considered markings of a successful career), a year away from the stage became a period of reflection for Rice, who came to the realisation that music which was working on paper was not working for him personally.

“Stepping back from live music was a hard reset for a lot of folks and it hit me especially hard since I don’t have a wife or a family yet, so I was forced to really look at who I am as a person and the music I’ve been writing and singing every night on stage,” notes Rice. “I’m really proud of the journey and yet until the last year, I admittedly hadn’t taken the time to process all the life I have been able to live on the road. The time we had off the road really inspired a shift in how I write and has pushed me to be so much more intentional.

“When it’s working, it’s easy to say ‘let’s keep doing this,’ so it definitely feels like somewhat of a risk to put this new music out, yet it’s also the most excited I’ve been in a really long time,” the North Carolinian adds.

“The night I wrote this song, I decided to take a break from social media, so instead of aimlessly scrolling like most nights, I put Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You documentary on my living room TV. His song ‘If I Was the Priest’ stood out to me and got me thinking about my own relationship with Jesus and all of the things I love in life; Country music, NASCAR, my friends and family,” reflects Rice. “I picked up a guitar and wrote ‘If I Were Rock & Roll’ alone in that moment. No track and no cowriters meant I had no choice to focus on the lyrics and lean into what is real to me.”

3. Melroze – S.O.S

Fiery red and spirited Melroze is making a name for herself in the pop scene. With her brand new single “S.O.S” dropping during Mental Illness Awareness Week, this native Georgia peach is prepared to make music her muse, sharing the vulnerability and resilience that she and so many others have undergone.

With influences such as Evanescence and the Cranberries, dark pop princess Melroze is known for her distinctive piano stylings and vocal range. Using “S.O.S” as a means to share her story, Melroze narrates the struggles and battles she’s encountered while living with anxiety. Undiagnosed until recently, for years Melroze questioned the feelings of which she shares in her lyrics, with her true relatability reaching her listeners in a sensitive yet appreciative state. Keeping her inspiration of acoustic and electronica genres in mind, Melroze created this empathetic ballad with a passion that anyone and everyone can identify with.

4. evrYwhr – Tie Dye

GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter evrYwhr returns with his new video for his single “Tie Dye” released last month. Since its release, the soulful, self-love-inspired track has already found its way onto a plethora of tastemaker playlists including Apple’s New in R&B, NPR’s “New Music Friday”, Tidal’s “Rhythm and Groove”, and “Chill Pop. Watch the video for “Tie Dye” on YouTube HERE.

The Blair Taylor (2 Chainz, G-Eazy) produced track brings evrYwhr’s eclectic blend of neo-soul, R&B, and pop to the forefront with richly textured melodies and airy flute accents that weaves colorful sounds – free-flowing, like the colors of a “Tie Dye” pattern. The song invites listeners on a journey of self-love, acceptance, and positivity – an especially timely sentiment after a period of unrest globally.

Filmed against the stunning backdrop of Los Angeles, the video for “Tie Dye ” video serves as a love letter to the city and community that welcomed him with open arms as a transplant. We watch as evYwhr ventures through a warm and inviting LA streetscape, enjoying good times with friends and family – from backyard BBQs to picturesque scenes on the beach. Of the video, evrYwhr shares: “Though I’m originally from Michigan, the community I uncovered on the West coast has been a garden bed for my growth over the last 10-years. I’ve discovered deeper layers of my truth on the coastline where the ocean waves molded my being like the shore”.

5. Softcult – ‘BWBB’

Canadian duo Softcult release their new single ‘BWBB’ alongside the accompanying video. The new release also sees the pair announce their new EP ‘Year of The Snake’ due for release on 8th Feb 2022 via Easy Life Records.

Pre-save/pre-order ‘Year of the Snake’ EP here:

Following on from recent releases “Spit It Out” and “House of Mirrors” Softcult have returned with yet another incredible new single, “BWBB” taken from their forthcoming “Year of the Snake” EP, due in Feb 2022. The new single is a ferocious slice of grunge fuelled scuzz-pop which sees Mercedes and Phoenix once again tackle important subject matter through their poignant and empowering lyrics.

When talking about the new single the band explained “We wrote Boys Will Be Boys about gender violence and the double standard, hypocrisy and dissonance of the ‘bro code’. Covering up for your buddies after they’ve assaulted someone creates a dangerous environment, especially for women.” They continue “All of us need to be allies in this fight against gender violence and hold our circles accountable. The line “if there’s one in your company, I wonder when they’re gonna come for me” sums it up pretty well.”

6. Christina Martin – ‘Stay With Me’

Singer, songwriter and storm-maker Christina Martin is back, releasing lead single Stay with Me from her upcoming eighth studio album Storm, slated for a late 2022 launchPounding, titanic and tender all at once, Stay with Me is a string-drenched anthem that reaches new dizzying heights for the Canadian songweaver, and kicks open the doors for the masterclass album to follow. Stay with Me is available across Digital Platforms.

“The muse for this song came in a pre-pandemic dream. I saw a girl wander a cobblestone city-street, through thick fog and moonlit night, and heard a familiar melody and the line ‘stay with me’. Unlike in dreams where I sometimes feel trapped in terrifying scenarios, with this song I found a space to purge my fears and then coax myself to a better place.”

It should come as no surprise that a song this ethereal was born in a dream. After glimpsing fragments of it in her subconscious, Martin set to crafting the song into a finished piece, and it ended up as the cornerstone and trendsetter for the whole Storm album.

As suits its surreal origins, Stay with Me has a cinematic feel to it. All built around a timeless, theatrical piano and Martin’s spectral vocals, delicate as eggshells and yet soaring as an eagle, backed by drums that pound and burst like distant fireworks. Like much of the album to come, it’s impossible to ignore the luscious string section, which adds a grandiose, orchestral tone to the piece. Symphonic and succulent, Martin sweeps them up into a fervour. Yet her vocals rise masterfully above it all, like a lone ship cresting a great wave.

7. Summer Years- ‘The Picture You Paint”

San Diego, CA pop-punk band Summer Years have released “The Picture You Paint,” the second single off their upcoming EP ‘You Can’t Live There Forever’.

“The Picture You Paint’s overall premise is dealing with doubt. As musicians, we kinda live a life of constant Show & Tell to our fans, friends, and family. These days, especially, even the most passionate/understanding supporters & teammates can quickly lose touch of the artists’ vision/potential and basically dismiss them entirely. The smallest comment/action of doubt can be very potent and contagious (sometimes even making its way into the artists’ mind.) So the song is coming from a Relic/Lifer’s evolved mindset of understanding the bliss/oasis that comes from creating art for nobody but themselves and letting the dominoes fall as they may. The video is a compilation of the post-pandemic live shows we’ve been so honored and lucky to play and capture thanks to the help of our extremely supportive local scene.”– Mike Liorti (Summer Years)

Summer Years’ core sound is comprised of powerful rhythms, melodic guitar parts, and meaningful lyrics. With influences rooted in the classic pop-punk of bands such as Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World, Summer Years explore a sound that bridges generations of punk rock.

8. Merci – ‘Stallion’

D.C. alternative quintet Merci release their new single “Stallion” via Rise Records: LISTEN HERE and check out the visualizer HERE.

On the new track, singer Seth Coggeshall croons the melancholic lyrics “I’m not tryna be your stallion / Find somebody else to break” over a dreamy, midtempo beat. “At its core, ‘Stallion’ is a song about independence,” Merci shares about the new track. “It was an opportunity to explore new aesthetics and ways of storytelling as a band.”

“Stallion” arrives on the heels of the band’s recently released single “China Tiger.” The new songs are a tease of more new music to come soon. Earlier this year, Merci released their first-ever EP Subtle Fiction I, which they first teased in 2020 with their debut single “Foolish Me.” The EP received support from the likes of Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Pop playlist and NPR’s New Music Friday playlist.

9. The Forty Twos – 

During one of the most difficult times in our generation,The Forty Twos, found themselves channeling their energy and passion into something new and meaningful. The uncertainty of not only music but the world around them, eventually helped to push their creative endeavors ahead in 2021. The Forty Twos, who hail from the heartland, have hard work and perseverance engraved in their souls. Evident in their debut single “Karma,” the group displays a new chapter in their lives and music, as they start to unfold the ‘why’ of how it came to be.

“The song kind of goes through a rollercoaster of emotions; some moments are memories of bad times or bad things you’ve done. Listen long enough to the song and you’ll hear the positive message underneath. Getting knocked down and getting back up is one of the most gratifying experiences in life!” – The Forty Twos

“Karma” is filled with heart-stopping drums that are surrounded in vibrant and echoing guitar melodies. Bringing a sound both raw and accessible the band cranks the volume up to 11 creating an explosion of sound. In a world of disconnection and distraction, The Forty Twos bring people together while connecting them with their emotion-filled sound. They create almost a spiritual vibe around the band and their music. “Karma” is only the beginning of their journey into the new world. Overall the upcoming songs have not only helped the band heal their wounds, but seeks to help listeners find solace in their own way through their experiences.

10. Chris Lorenzo – “California Dreamin’” Ft. High Jinx

Chris Lorenzo released “California Dreamin’” ft. High Jinx via Black Book Records/Astralwerks. The pioneering UK bass-house producer transforms The Mamas & The Papas’ timeless song into a high-octane dancefloor anthem – a kaleidoscope of a cappella harmonies, throbbing beats, and windswept echoes. Listen HERE. Fans have been clamoring for the track to be released ever since social media posts surfaced of Lorenzo, Chris Lake and FISHER playing the record in their summer sets. The Mamas & The Papas’ 1965 single, which Lorenzo samples, exemplified the California sound of the era and was named as one of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” by Rolling Stone.

“This track was originally made as a DJ tool. I take no credit for how well it has been received as all I did was threw some drums, an 808 and some FX over a banging acapella,” explains Chris Lorenzo. “You can thank The Mamas & The Papas for this banger. I’m just happy to be able to share it with everybody.”

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