New Music Friday and here are our top 10 picks out today.

1. Girli shares new track ‘Ricochet’

GIRLI has today released her brand new single, Ricochet. Opening with GIRLI’s sultry and richly-hued vocals, the track culminates in an earworm-led chorus. Milly Toomey (aka GIRLI) explains, “Ricochet is about being in a bad relationship but loving the thrill of the drama; knowing that you deserve better but also liking the feeling of emotional cat and mouse with someone.” 

GIRLI has also revealed a visualiser to coincide with the release and has said, “The Ricochet visualiser sums up the vibe of the song to me; playful, enjoying the destruction of something that’s meant to be pretty and cute and lovely. I’m surrounded by all these representations of romance and I’m maniacally f**king it all up. The song is about having a destructive addictive fling that’s making you jealous and obsessive and instead of leaving it for something healthier, you’re relishing the drama. That’s what I wanted to visualiser to like too- me enjoying the chaos that I’m causing all around me.” 

2. Bryce Vine shares new track ‘Miss You A Little’

Multi-platinum pop/hip-hop maverick Bryce Vine shares a new single and music video entitled “Miss You A Little” [feat. lovelytheband]. Teaming up with platinum Los Angeles trio lovelytheband for the first time, the track glides atop a glitchy beat wrapped in airy guitars, fusing alternative, hip-hop, and pop seamlessly. Meanwhile, Bryce’s confessional verses give way to a hypnotic high register hook, “I miss you a little—all of the time.” The accompanying visual takes a trippy Alice In Wonderland-style turn down a literal rabbit hole. After meeting up for a picnic, Bryce and his female co-star plunge into another world where everything may not be as it seems… Listen HERE.

About the track, he commented, ‘Miss You A Little’ is a song about what we all go through in the aftermath of breaking up. It’s that period of romanticizing the past through rose-colored glasses, but the reality of it is that maybe some of those memories weren’t all we thought they were. All that sad boy shit aside, it turns out ‘miss you a little’ really works as a good thing to name your tour after a year of no shows.”

3. Alfie Sheard  – ‘Wished You Missed Me More’

Following a debut appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and his subsequent signing to global management company Interland Music (James Blunt, Grace Jones, Sky Ferreira), rising star Alfie Sheard is now releasing a new, heartfelt acoustic ballad, ‘Wish You Missed Me More’.

Produced by James New (Mumm-Ra, Saint Raymond, Pixx, Mullally, Lauren Aquilina) and with a pitch-perfect vocal-line and a hypnotic guitar, ‘Wish You Missed Me More’ is an ode to the struggles of maintaining a relationship during the pandemic. “I wrote ‘Wish You Missed Me More’ after a heartbreaking phone call with my girlfriend whilst we were stuck in quarantine 150 miles apart,” Alfie commented on the track. “To deal/cope with the pain of missing her, I flooded my days with constant work! I will never forget the moment she cried, ‘It’s all good saying that you love me, I just Wish You Missed Me More…’”

4. Kideko – ‘Ready For My Love’ ft. Kudu Blue

Kideko and Kudu Blue have linked up on new single ‘Ready For My Love’, out 6th August.

Punctuated by euphoric piano chords, seductive vocals and a deep, brooding bassline, ‘Ready For My Love’ is a floorfiller that’s been crafted with summer in mind. It follows Kideko’s recent single with Saffron Stone, ‘The Music’ that charted #4 on Top 100 Beatport and #2 on the House chart.

“We wrote this during the first lockdown,” Clem from Kudu Blue explains. “It was all done remotely which was a new experience! I actually wrote the lyrics and melody for this tune down at the beach in Brighton. It was a really hot day so I took my notepad down to the beach and wrote the track. I recorded it on my voicenotes so I wouldn’t forget it then recorded it properly as soon as I got home.”

Kideko details “When Clementine from Kudu Blue sent the vocal I was so excited to work on it. I instantly had a vision on how I felt it should sound as the vocal had so much emotion. I wanted it to be a big, emotive, piano banger with a touch of old school in the production. I can’t wait to play this at festivals!”

5. The Taylor Twins – Still Play Your Game’

The Taylor Twins’ debut single ‘Lost All The Summer’ took the psychedelic power-poppers onto the Radio X airwaves into Wonderland’s new music round-up, the Wonderlist. It heralded the start of a rebirth for the 22-year-old twins, Ollie (vocals/guitar) and Eddie (vocals/bass), who first came to attention in 2020 under the name Butterfly. The duo’s potential was undeniable even then, picking up support from Radio 1, 6 Music, Ruben Nielson (Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Sean Ono Lennon, Willie J Healey, Blaine Harrison (Mystery Jets), Dave Gregory (XTC) and Rodney Bingenheimer.

Next for The Taylor Twins comes their second single, ‘Still Play Your Game’ which is out now on their own independent label Rørvig Records, a name which references their Scandinavian roots.

‘Still Play Your Game’ provides further evidence of The Taylor Twins’ blurring the lines between the contemporary and the classic, providing the feel of an unlikely collaboration between Tame Impala and ELO. The two multi-instrumentalists excel at maximalist production, a flamboyant wall-of-sound in which guitars, synths and bass radiate with an effervescent aura. The brothers’ vocal harmonies are their essential calling card, their tight and intuitive voices adding a distinctive touch to everything they do.

6. Bastille team up with Camelphat for ‘Distorted Light Beam’ remix

GRAMMY®-nominated and multi-platinum selling band Bastille collaborate with British DJ and producer duo CamelPhat for a remix of their latest single, “Distorted Light Beam,” out now—listen HERE! Trailblazing, Grammy-Nominated production duo, CamelPhat, have been traversing for 12 years through the various styles and nuances of house and techno. Beginning their journey as CamelPhat in 2008, the pair have continuously released acclaimed music that has seen them become one of the biggest names in the worldwide dance scene.

“Distorted Light Beam” is the first release from Bastille’s upcoming fourth studio album, takes them in a new sonic direction – the Evening Standard describes the track as a ‘euphoric, futuristic number’, whilst Wonderland says, ‘it’s a taste of synth laden dystopia that gives the middle finger to 21st Century boredom.’ Last week, they released a live performance version of the track featuring a brand-new live set up —watch HERE.

7. Lilhuddy releases new track ‘Don’t Freak Out’

LILHUDDY (aka Chase Hudson) has released his brand-new single entitled “Don’t Freak Out” featuring Iann Dior, All-American Rejects’ front man Tyson Ritter and Travis Barker, with the official music video due to drop at 5pm BST. This is LILHUDDY’s fourth single and first collaboration. The genre-blending track combines pop, punk, and hip-hop, all of which heavily influence Chase as a musician. “Don’t Freak Out” Feat. Iann Dior, Tyson Ritter & Travis Barker is undeniably catchy, a true summertime jam, and is available now at all digital retail providers via Polydor Records.

LILHUDDY says about the track, “I cannot explain how excited I am to put this song and video out into the world. I have been teasing the track and it is hands-down one of my proudest moments as an artist. Iann, Tyson and Travis have been such inspirations to me, so being able to collaborate with them on ‘Don’t Freak Out’ was an absolute dream and I am so grateful for the opportunity.”

8. Mom Trudie releases his new track ‘Better Days’ ft. Sidders

South London producer Mom Tudie returns today with his new single “Better Days” ft. Sidders.

A warm, soulful cut embracing influence from hip-hop, R&B and jazz – “Better Days” brims with positivity, with a powerful message of hope and unity.

Soft keys and buoyant brass passages marry up beautifully with the track’s jazz flecked rhythm section, with singer/rapper Sidders giving an irresistible vocal performance; lyrically concise, thought-provoking and sharp-witted all at once.

Speaking on the track, Sidders said: “Better Days was written in a time and place of uncertainty with Covid / BLM and the message was to spread love and something positive. It’s an open letter trying to slow down the anxieties we have, even to show there’s more than what we feel on our own. Everyones in this together.”

9. Solar Eyes release ‘Naked Monkey on a Spaceship’

Three-piece SOLAR EYES release their latest captivating single ‘NAKED MONKEY ON A SPACESHIP’

Solar Eyes quickly follow up on the success of their first double drop release ‘Acid Test’ & ‘Nothing’s For Free’ (Nearly 60,000 views between the two tracks) with the insanely infectious ‘Naked Monkey On A Spaceship’ released on 6th August through AWAL/Sleeping Sun Recordings.

NMOAS is another psychedelic rock/pop trip from the Birmingham based trio of Glenn Smyth, Tom Ford & Sebastian Maynard-Francis. The track bears the similar hallmarks of first track ‘Acid Test’ – that 90’s Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream mash up sound but with a futuristic feel.

The track was written after a conversation between Glenn & a friend, who proclaimed that life is like being a naked monkey on a spaceship, with no control.

10. Sigma release ‘Hope’ feat Carla Marie
Multi-platinum DJ & producers Sigma team up with GRAMMY award winning singer/songwriter/producer Carla Marie to release their new uplifting single “Hope” out now via 3Beat and Astralwerks. Listen HERE. It’s a record that embodies the message of unity, positivity and chasing one’s aspirations.

““Hope” is a record we want to make people feel like whatever is going on in your life there is always a new day,” says Sigma. “The last 18 months have been challenging for us all on numerous levels and this record hopefully puts across the positivity we can all spread.”

“Hope” will feature in a special global highlights sync for 2020 Olympic Games airing during the closing ceremony on Sunday 8th August and is taken from Sigma’s much anticipated second studio album, scheduled for release in early 2022.

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