Perth, Scotland based 6-piece Parliamo (pronounced Par-Lee-Ammo) today release new single “She’s Only Human”,  lifted from upcoming EP ‘The Parliamo Manifesto’, out October 7th via Modern Sky (The Coral, The Lathums, Abbie Ozard).

A bracing indie-rock jammer addressing the fragility of mental health, speaking on the release of the new single, the band said: “She’s Only Human is a testament to confusion in confusing times. It discusses the limitations that those with poor mental health can face when it comes to relationships with others and oneself, and ultimately conveys that it’s okay not to be okay.”

The band’s upcoming debut EP ‘The Parliamo Manifesto’ is the culmination of over a year’s songwriting and is a bold statement of intent from the 6 piece. Employing a charming tongue-in-cheek approach to some of the slightly darker aspects of life which young people face today, the record touches on the complications of religious pressure on “Catholic Guilt”, spiralling addiction on “Who Needs a Reason?”, mental health on new single “She’s Only Human” and the awkward beauty of young love on lead single “Paul & Barry”.

The baggy, swaggering sound of the band and the often darkly humorous nature of the lyrics, stands in stark contrast with some of the subject matter, echoing the band’s propensity for laughing in lieu of crying. In a world of such turmoil and uncertainty, with ‘The Parliamo Manifesto’ the band are aiming to reconcile people with positivity through vibrant, energetic music, whilst providing a relatable commentary on the modern world and the inner workings of the minds of young people.

Written and delivered in the Scottish vernacular, the record offers a somewhat unique perspective on the simultaneously charming and terrifying nature of modern life.

With a heady live-reputation preceding them, Parliamo have already been hailed as one of Scotland’s most exciting young prospects. Drawing from a plethora of influences from Groove Armada, The Avalanches and Massive Attack to Super Furry Animals, The Beta Band and Primal Scream – their witty social commentary–styled lyricism partnered with a distinctive songwriting approach suggest a band working beyond their years.

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