Peach Tree Rascals share their new single Let U Go via 10k/Homemade Projects. Listen HERE. Laced with breezy melodies, sun-kissed electric guitar and spurts of lovey-dove romance, the track evokes sincerity and adventure, tonal through lines for a group of talented underdogs. It’s the newest single from their latest EP, Does a Fish Know It’s Wet?, out 22nd July.

Coasting over a carefree beat, the genre-blurring collective describe a seesawing relationship: “My baby calls, but she never gets a hold of me/She’s out the door, wow, she’s been listening/But I never wanna let you go/Never wanna let you go/Never gonna let you go.” The song oscillates between resolute declarations and ambivalence, but it’s threaded by a fundamental call to explore, an instinct that refuses to be dulled by a love life. The video keeps that same energy. In the visual, Peach Tree Rascals shift between a group hangout session and arguments with their respective girlfriends, with said confrontations creating some hilariously intense moments. Combining buoyancy with earnestness, Let U Go and its accompanying video offer a jolt of positivity that arrives just in time for the summer.

Peach Tree Rascals say this of the track:

Let U Go was the final song added to our EP, Does a Fish Know it’s Wet? We love how high energy it is. We feel like it best rounds out the EP and tells the story about how sometimes whether it’s a romantic relationship, personal relationship, or even just a friendship, you have to learn to let go of the things that are preventing you from being successful and happy. This idea ties back to the greater vision of the project which is that often times we feel like our decisions are being influenced by those around us when our ultimate goal is to create our own path especially when it comes to the storytelling in our music and how we visualize those topics.” 

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