Irish sensation Picture This is set to release their latest heartfelt tribute, “Red Lights / Ireland.” This captivating bundle track features two powerful songs, “Ireland” and “Red Lights.” The latter, “Red Lights,” showcases the band’s lyrical prowess with its evocative storytelling and infectious melodies.

“Red Lights” explores the transformative power of love, as Picture This navigates the depths of emotions through poignant lyrics and their signature sound. With “Ireland,” the band pays homage to their beloved homeland, capturing the spirit and pride of Ireland.

Picture This has established themselves as an acclaimed band known for their compelling songwriting and electrifying performances. Their ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with powerful melodies has garnered them a devoted global fan base. “Red Lights / Ireland” is a testament to their unwavering connection to their roots.

“Ireland,” bundled with “Red Lights,” will be available on all major streaming platforms from June 16, 2023. Experience the enchanting musical journey as Picture This continues to captivate with their talent and profound Irish spirit.

“Red Lights” will be part of the upcoming long-awaited fourth studio album entitled „Parked Car Conversations”. The album will be released as CD, LP and ltd. Book. Pre-Order here.

Ryan Hennessy, singer of Picture This on “RED LIGHTS”

Red Lights is a song about finding a person who felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. A person who understands you deeply and accepts you for all of your flaws and is there to push you to be the truest version of yourself! 

I have been in relationships where the person tries to dampen your flame and turn your volume down and put nothing but red lights and stop signs in front of you. The old cliché is that love is blind so we don’t always see it in real time! 

But when you find that person that ignites your flame and supports you and accepts you and stands beside you ready to take on the world it is the most incredible feeling. 
To be so on the same wave as a person and be intoxicatingly in love all at once is what everybody deserves and this song is an ode to finding that person. 

May you all speed through those red lights when it comes to love! 


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