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Poppy releases new single ‘Concrete’

“Poppy just might be the Warhol of the YouTube era” – New York Magazine [The Cut]

Singer/songwriter, performance artist, Poppy drops her highly anticipated first single “Concrete” from her upcoming album (Sumerian Records).

“Concrete” (Written by Poppy Chan, Titanic Sinclair, Chris Greatti & Zakk Cervini) continues Poppy’s juxtaposition of dark and light; hard and soft layers to her music.  The track is available for digital download and streaming via all participating digital retailers HERE

Watch the accompanying music video for “Concrete” directed by Titanic Sinclair HERE

About Poppy

Who knew watching a small blonde girl recite the obvious, question existence, or just eat something could make you feel so perplexed. Wired Magazine says “The magic of Poppy is that, to understand Poppy, you have to keep watching Poppy. And soon you find yourself watching her everywhere: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Before long, you’re swimming in a sea of Poppy. The water is cool and pink but eventually you wonder if Titanic will start turning up the heat and that, before you know it, you’ll be boiled alive or choke on the Pepto-Bismol taste and drown. You dive deeper anyway.”