Post-genre art and music visionary Poppy has just released an expanded edition of her boundlessly ambitious recent album I Disagree. Dubbed I Disagree (more), the deluxe version of the album adds four new songs and is out now via Sumerian Records. The album’s variegated nature embodies “alternative” in the truest sense of the word, bleeding the boundaries between pop, progressive, electronic, and metal, underpinned by unpredictable time signature shifts and indelible earworm vocal hooks.

The new release lands half a year since her headlining tour wrapped up, a coast to coast whirlwind that included sold out shows in some of the biggest venues she’d performed yet and two months since her cover of “All The Things She Said” hit DSPs and became an instant viral sensation. Her quiet rise from incalculable phenomenon (with over half-a-billion views on YouTube) to unassuming paragon of high culture, high fashion, and high art fueled her metamorphosis to “Poppy Version X.” She explains that “in terms of doing what I wanted to in every element from start-to-finish, this feels like my first album. The narrative is really about destroying the things that try to destroy you.” Poppy carefully constructed the sonic framework for this reinvention, an unfiltered and unfettered creative ecosystem of her own design.


1. Concrete
2. I Disagree
4. Anything Like Me
5. Fill the Crown
6. Nothing I Need
7. Sit / Stay
8. Bite Your Teeth
9. Sick of the Sun
10. Don’t Go Outside
11.  If It Bleeds*
12. Bleep Bloop*
13. Khaos x4*
14. Don’t Ask*
*(previously unreleased)



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