With its forward-thinking R&B and South Asian sonic flair, Priya Ragu’s ‘Good Love 2.0’ proved to be one of the most remarkable debut tracks of 2020. Earning a wave of critical acclaim and airplay spanning Radio 11Xtra6 Music and BBC Asian Network‘Good Love 2.0’ introduced an artist with a unique vision and limitless potential.

Priya subsequently started 2021 in a similar fashion, with a host of tastemakers – Vogue, iD, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, gal-dem, The Forty-Five and Notion – tipping her as One To Watch. Her first step in a big year ahead comes as she shares her second single, ‘CHICKEN LEMON RICE’.

‘CHICKEN LEMON RICE’ amplifies the energy that Priya captured with ‘Good Love 2.0’ – smooth Sri Lankan percussion layered with electro-pop beats. The track is representative of Priya’s desire to confound expectations. Her music celebrates every aspect of her culture and challenges stereotypical perceptions. It resonates throughout her music, which weaves Krishna mantras, traditional tabla and the Tamil language into a bright, global-facing sound. Lyrically, Priya’s music focuses on spirituality and possibility, yearning and heartbreak.

Priya says, ‘Chicken Lemon Rice’ is a celebration of unity and diversity. It’s here to commemorate all the beautiful cultures of the world. The world is not black and white, it’s colourful. We can come together and still be ourselves whilst celebrating different heritages and learning from each other.”

The track’s producer, Priya’s brother Japhna Gold, adds, Now more than ever, it is so important that we hold on to things that make us happy. Dancing is meditation, singing is meditation. We are all are connected whether we like it or not. This song is our dopamine for your soul –  pull up!”

Directed by Dumas Haddad, the video for ‘CHICKEN LEMON RICE’ features scenes of vibrant colour, dance and fashion set against the background of a once-loved derelict London hotel. The unique and empowering visuals acknowledge Priya’s Sri Lankan heritage whilst challenging preconceptions of gender and tradition, resulting in an iconic celebration of togetherness, self-expression and culture that reflects the positive message of the track.

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