If the state of the world is grinding you down, why not post a THIS IS FINE meme, put some headphones on, and lose yourself within the escapism of props’ debut mixtape ‘songs’? Featuring the brand new track ‘i thought i saw an astronaut’, the mixtape shows that props’ recent tastemaker support from Tom Robinson at 6 Music, Clash and Wonderland is well founded.

The 10-track ‘songs’ collates all of props’ singles from the last 18 months into one package, stretching from the feverish  bedroom pop / melodic punk infusion of fan favourite ‘easy’ to the manic dynamite extremes of last month’s single ‘before you let go’. Always favouring the off-kilter over the obvious, props’ multi-genre mash-up of beats, loops and live instrumentation is rich with creative flair, immediately accessible hooks and endearing DIY individuality. props’ lyrical themes provide talking points for fans wanting to explore his songs further, but on the surface his unique musical world feels like a safe haven from the madness that surrounds us.

Props says, “You know that cute smile/cry emoji? ‘songs’ is that in musical form. I’m a mostly quiet kinda guy writing overall happy tunes but behind the smile there’s a wee bit of sadness at the state of the world. I feel like I’m one of those musicians on the Titanic who kept playing as it sank into the abyss, except I haven’t reached that stage where the music turns sad yet. 

I feel like it’s still very taboo as an artist to openly admit how screwed the world is, so ‘songs’ addresses big issues like the climate, politics, misogyny and inequality in the most subtle way possible. Thankfully musically it’s much more of a ‘well-we-might-as-well-go-out-with-a-bang’ vibe.”

Props will play his debut show as guest to Cat Ryan at The Waiting Room, London, on December 3rd, where he promises to play “at least one Sugababes cover.”

The line-up will be completed by Supersaurus and tickets are available HERE.

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