Jake Roche & Charley Bagnall (formerly UK pop-outfit Rixton) unveil their expansive debut album as dynamic-pop duo push baby – ‘Wow, Big Legend’ via their own label of the same name & AWAL.

‘Wow, Big Legend’ is Jake and Charley’s representation of themselves and the music they’ve always wanted to create. Free of the label constraints of their pop-past, the pair candidly discuss the toll that the mainstream music industry has taken on their mental health and how easily major managers and labels can chew up an artist and spit them straight back out.

Entirely self-funded and recorded alongside some of push baby’s closest friends, ‘Wow’ Big Legend’ is more akin to alt-pop artists like Easy Life, COIN and Biig Piig than the pair’s commercial pop past. Craftily hopping from lo-fi bedroom pop to lowkey spoken melodies and bolshy, vibrant hyper-pop – it’s a record loaded with experimental electronic textures, witty honesty and a true breath of fresh air.

Delving into the process behind each of the record’s twelve tracks with that same honesty and wit, Jake Roche offers a track by track explanation of the album’s creation.

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