With an incredible 2.5 billion streams accumulated worldwide, Norwegian singer-songwriter and alt-pop sensation AURORA drew a full house of over 2,000 fans to her first concert in Taiwan at Zepp New Taipei (on February 21, 2023), inviting her devoted audience to fully immerse themselves in her enchanting, ethereal musical realm.

As soon as she appeared on stage, AURORA gushed to her fans: “Taipei, I am finally here! I’m so happy to come because Qing-Feng is here!” Throughout her concert, AURORA delighted the local audience with Mandarin and Taiwanese phrases she had learnt from Qing-Feng — including “I love you all”, “well done” and “I am adorable” — to show her love for Taiwan from the bottom of her heart.

For her encore, AURORA was joined by a surprise guest star: Golden Melody award-winning artist Qing-Feng Wu. With the stage set to recreate the moonlit landscape from “Storm”’s cover artwork, the two performed a touching duet of their lauded east-meets-west collaboration, for their debut live performance together.

The beautiful friendship between AURORA and Qing-Feng, one of the Greater China’s most accomplished Mandopop singer-songwriters (and best known as indie-band Sodagreen’s frontman), was evidenced by their on-stage banter and antics. When Qing-Feng explained to AURORA that the English lyric “come again” in the chorus sounds like “bucket of chicken” in Taiwanese, AURORA immediately responded with a humorous chicken-clucking imitation, closing the show with the entire audience laughing and screaming.

Visiting Taipei for the first time, Qing-Feng was proud to be AURORA’s local tour guide for her three-day stay. Her enhanced city adventures included a unique Chinese calligraphy experience — where, guided by a professional calligrapher, the two wrote each other’s name in Chinese on a paper fan as a souvenir to mark their precious friendship. Fascinated by Qing-Feng’s calligraphy, which he says he’s not practised for 20 years, AURORA asked him to autograph directly onto her white jacket. She was so impressed with the finished work that she promised to hang the masterpiece on her wall back home in Norway. Qing-Feng also made sure that AURORA’s ultimate Taiwanese experience included a foot massage and local beer.

Connected through Universal Music, the two labelmates began co-creating their track in 2021. After almost a year of making music at a distance and collaborating online, experimenting with their own ideas and thoughts, the pair developed a strong friendship bond and eventually met up face-to-face in Norway to complete the song’s final recording in person. Watch the video here.

Qing-Feng releases a very special deluxe version of his Mallarme Tuesday’s album in the UK in May. The deluxe album also includes his “L’Après-midi d’un faune” (“The Afternoon of a Faun”) EP which features his collaborations with Aurora and Rufus Wainwright to name a few. The version will include 12 original album tracks, 4 tracks from the EP and 12 additional live tracks. The video for A Wanderer In The Sleeping City, featuring Rufus Wainwright can be viewed here.


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