After a successful debut single release of ‘Trespasser’ in July 2020 Belfast local and ‘dootdoot Records’ artist Quinn is releasing her follow up single ‘Some Days’ November 26th 2020. Since linking up with Producer Michael Mormecha and John Dynes from dootdoot Music, Quinn’s guitar and piano based lyrical music has taken a massive leap into experimental, hard hitting pop!
Some Days’ is a pop song with throwback to retro 80’s synth, about how everyday is not going to be easy. It is an encouragement to the listener to get up, dust yourself off and continue on with life, even when ‘Some Days’ you ‘wanna stay in bed, stay low.’

The song was written in Amsterdam in January 2020 when Quinn was on tour in Europe. About the song she says…. “I was really struggling with the loneliness of the music industry and not sure what direction to go in. I wrote ‘Some Days’ on an acoustic guitar in 3 or 4 days and used it to help redirect my goals and focus for my career in music.”

Fast forward 10 Months and she is now being managed by John Dynes Management with a successful debut single released and new music on the way! Quinn is a very personal songwriter and ‘Some Days’ is a great example of how she puts her own experiences of life into her writing, to not only help her deal with life, but hopefully connect with the listener as well

Quinn has performed in many venues around the world, including touring in New York,Amsterdam, Dublin, Cambridge, Manchester, Dubai, Dublin and Nashville,with themainpurpose of getting her music in front of as many people as possible! She has also appeared at multiple venues and events in Northern Ireland

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