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Rachel Kerr Unveils Debut Album ‘Masterpeace’

Multi-award-winning UK recording artist Rachel Kerr has unveiled her long-awaited debut album, Masterpeace,

Multi-award-winning UK recording artist Rachel Kerr has unveiled her long-awaited debut album, Masterpeace, which features lead single “I Do”. More than a debut album, Masterpeace was four years in the making and reveals Rachel’s most authentic, vulnerable and groundbreaking songs to date. Choosing to write and co-produce all 11 tracks herself, Masterpeace is an undiluted and unapologetic expression of Rachel Kerr’s most sincere musical work.

“You only get one debut album… it has to be right. I want to be proud and moved listening to it 20 years from now… so after 4 years, finally, I have peace, it’s ready, so I present to you my Master-peace!” (Rachel Kerr)

Whether it’s with soulful, self-approving, positive affirmations, powerful R&B reminders that we are never alone or head-bopping, hip-hop charged anthems reminding us that our best is yet to come, this anthem-packed album, paired with Rachel’s world-class voice and witty penmanship is a force to be reckoned with.

Undeniable themes such as hope and love are skilfully woven throughout the album and highlight the intense personal journey that Rachel has been on, in the most uplifting, heartfelt and sincere of ways.

“I’m unapologetic that every thread of my music is hopeful and inspirational but also isn’t afraid to tackle the ugliness of being real.” (Rachel Kerr)

The independently released album takes listeners on the most inspirational and eclectic musical journey. Uptempo anthems “I Do” and “Rescue” drive home the message that we need not look too far to find the ride-or-die love that every human deserves, whereas “Daddy’s Lullaby” is a deeply soulful, vocal-only composition that uses Rachel’s voice as the song’s sole instrumentation. The track is a heartfelt reminder that listeners are never alone and that our shared human experience and desire for love connects us.

“When I’m going through a challenging time, the only thing I want to feel is companionship, like I’m not alone in this. If love had a voice, it would sound something like ‘Daddy’s Lullaby’ and ‘I Do’.” (Rachel Kerr)

A firm believer in the power of positive affirmations, Rachel’s highly charged songs “I Am” and “Change” are powerful self-affirming anthems, giving listeners a musical soundtrack to elevate their sense of self-worth, self-appreciation and hope for a brighter future. Birthed from a season of insecurity, Rachel wrote “I Am” after receiving an encouraging text from a friend when she was at her lowest.

“My world changed when I started to drown out the voices of fear and doubt that lived in my head with the sentiments of ‘I Am’. It’s the ultimate self-affirming power anthem.” (Rachel Kerr)

Vulnerable, emotive and empowering songs such as “Artist In Me”, “Some More”, “Almost There” and “Center” highlight the desperate and often lonely pursuit of achieving one’s dreams. Rachel admits writing these songs when contemplating ending her musical journey. Listeners can expect to be blown away by the heart-wrenching lyrics, soulful harmonic delivery and highly inspirational overtones.

“As a songwriter it’s my job to be creative, authentic and sincere with my vulnerability. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable in my music anymore. Vulnerability has become my superpower, reminding my audience that we are all human. But our hope is that no matter how bad it gets, we continue, we build character and ultimately we win!” (Rachel Kerr)

UK Tour dates (2022):

Manchester – 7th July

London – 10th July

Tickets: https://www.rachelkerrmusic.com/tour