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Racketeers ‘Hey Smile (it’s Been A While) single launch

“The sound is raw and driving with vocals that can swell from a softer Noel Gallagher to the more shattered growl of Alex Turner or Julian Casablancas. These boys are garage rock through and through…This band rocks live” – Divide and Conquer

The Racketeers announce the release of their new single, Hey Smile (It’s Been a While) on Friday 15th of March, celebrating this with a launch show at 360 Club, Leeds on the same day. It will be available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all major platforms.

Hey Smile (It’s Been a While) builds on the sound of their eponymous EP, which was released in 2017, and brings new elements to their garage rock sound.

The track combines vocal harmonies with effects heavy lead guitar melodies that will stick in your head. The upbeat mood of the single contrasts with the sombre lyrics and the dynamic shift between the verse and chorus is held together by aggressive drumming.

The Racketeers are a garage rock act from Leeds. The band formed in late 2016 and over two years, have built a loyal following, playing headline slots at the Lending Room and Hyde Park Book Club. The song is the first of the band’s releases planned for 2019.

“We’d both had writers block for a while over summer after we’d finished our EP but one day Joe showed me some new lyrics he’d written. I liked them instantly and the title stuck in my head, so I went home and wrote a tune for it on my acoustic. We’d been listening to a lot of “Please Please Me” at the time so it came out kind of like a jaunty 60s pop song to start with. It came to life really quickly when we played it in practise. We added in all these harmonies and wobbly guitar parts and it’s ended up being our favourite one to play live.” – Joe Mosley

Leeds Launch show:

Friday 15th March

360 Club – Lending Room, Leeds

Woodhouse Lane, LS2 3AP

Doors 8pm

Tickets: £6 Advance from:  

Launch event link: