RAT BOY’s ever-adventurous voyages across genres have taken the band, fronted by Jordan Cardy, on similarly sprawling journeys across the globe. But wherever they go, they inevitably find themselves boomeranging back to their Essexhomelands. And that’s the topic that RAT BOY explore as they share their new single ‘SUBURBIA CALLING’, their first new music in over two years. Listen HERE.

Bringing together spiky indie-pop thrills with Jordan’s drawling semi-rapped vocals, ‘SUBURBIA CALLING’ could be a big beatBlur, or The Streets had they emerged mid-Britpop. As we’ve come to expect, RAT BOY’s musical anarchy is the backdrop to Jordan’s distinctly British lyricism, his postcard pictures of small town culture providing equal measures of insight and humour. ‘SUBURBIA CALLING’ is RAT BOY’s response if Essex ever needed its own national anthem. Priced out of London, you’re back in a world of commuters, curtain-twitching neighbours and Union Jacks – and you know what? It’s good to be back home. While it’s specifically about Essex, ‘SUBURBIA CALLING’ will be relatable to anyone in the satellite towns or outer travel zones near any big city.

Jordan says, “This is a love letter to the suburbs. It made us and shaped us. It’s good to be back.”

When RAT BOY first emerged with his debut collection ‘THE MIXTAPE’ (which recently debuted on Spotify) he immediately earned a one to watch reputation, his genre agnostic style and biting lyricism encapsulating his generation’s experiences. ButRAT BOY was only going to play by his own rules. Initially a solo project, RAT BOY evolved into a full band identity (with guitarist Harry Todd, bassist Liam Haygarth and drummer Noah Booth) with the more visceral spirit and darker themes of their debut album ‘SCUM’ nonetheless firing them into the UK Top 15.

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