The two-time Swedish Grammy Award winners Rebecca & Fiona power forward into a new era with the news that they will release their new concept album ‘MEGA DANCE’ on September 27th, which they today preview with the new single ‘Heartbeat’. Listen HERE.

The striking DJ/producer duo have bounded between dance, electronica and pop since debuting in 2007, their career highlights to date including an array of chart positions across Europe, their own TV docu/drama series and international shows with the likes of Robyn, Avicii, Tiësto, Kaskade and Axwell plus festivals ranging from Tomorrowland to Electric Daisy Carnival. They also teamed up with P3 to host a Swedish special of Europe’s Biggest Dance Show on Radio 1.

‘MEGA DANCE’ is an album which transports the listeners to the thumping beats, maximalist energy and all-round decadence of an iconic Ibiza club back in the heady summer of 2002. Evoking the euphoria of stepping into a night which guarantees to be a perfect party, the album is led by the duo’s sultry vocals as they conjure the atmosphere of the era: the music, the fuck-you attitude, and men sporting Von Dutch caps and a tray of shots.

Rebecca Scheja says, “We finally took some time to be undisturbed in the studio and just work. We discovered a discrepancy between the music we were creating and what we wanted to play when a DJ set reaches its absolute peak. We challenged ourselves to approach our next album without shame and ‘guilty pleasure’ thinking. So now, to everyone’s great joy, there’s a more straightforward dance album from us – filled with music we want to play in our DJ sets.”

The new single ‘Heartbeat’ catapults us straight to the dancefloor. As piano house keys chime and the bass rouses to full intensity, the duo’s shared vocal harmonies capture the liberation and free spirit that flows when the dancefloor is ignited.

Fiona FitzPatrick adds, “‘Heartbeat’ is about a love that keeps you dancing on the edge of madness. When the whole world burns down around you, it’s hard to find your way through the chaos. And within that fire, your love is both your compass and your tempest.”

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