Northern Irish, (Derry) based artist Aoife Boyle, widely known as Reevah, has released her new single “Time To Breathe”, and also announces her highly anticipated debut album, “Daylight Savings” will be out in early October. Reevah has made a name for herself with her singer-songwriter roots and acclaimed alt-pop sound, and this new release is set to elevate her artistry to new heights.

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“Time To Breathe” is a soul-stirring track that prompts listeners to reflect on what truly matters in life. It serves as a reminder to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us and emphasizes the importance of spending quality time with the people we love. Repeated like a mantra throughout the song, this message resonates deeply and encourages listeners to step away from the pressures of expectation, social media, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. As Reevah continues to evolve as a musician and songwriter, she strives to infuse every song she creates with positivity and love.

Reevah’s debut album, “Daylight Savings,” represents a significant milestone in her career. It is a true reflection of her growth, courage, love, strength, change, and resilience as an artist, musician, and songwriter. Collaborating with producers Brian Doherty and Matt Weir has allowed Reevah to explore new sonic territories, immersing herself in an indie-pop, alternative ’80s space that she wholeheartedly embraces. The album embodies the essence of Reevah, combining past, present, and future ideas into a cohesive musical experience.

“Daylight Savings” delivers a powerful message, reflecting themes of positivity, change, and the empowerment of women. It delves into life’s highs and lows, with a bold yet reflective message that encourages listeners to appreciate and celebrate every moment, as our time here is delicate and fleeting. Reevah’s dedication to crafting meaningful music shines through in this remarkable debut album.

Reevah’s music has garnered international acclaim, with airplay and streaming support reaching audiences in Ireland, the UK, the USA, and beyond. Her ability to express the intricacies of everyday experiences, including their frailties, confusions, and vulnerabilities, has earned her praise and built a dedicated fanbase. Reevah’s music provides solace and hope to listeners facing similar challenges, while championing themes of self-determination and the strength of women.

“Time To Breathe” will be released alongside the debut album “Daylight Savings” in October. With the support of Bloom Records, a new imprint from Dublin’s Faction Records, led by the visionary A&R, artist manager, and BBC Introducing presenter Aine Cronin-McCartney, Reevah is poised to reach an even broader audience and share her captivating sound with the world.

Stay tuned for the release of “Time To Breathe” and mark your calendars for the debut album “Daylight Savings” by Reevah. Follow her on streaming platforms and social media to be among the first to experience the extraordinary musical journey she has created.

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