Remi Wolf puts her own uniquely colourful stamp on Kali Uchis’ bilingual hit single “telepatía” as part of Amazon’s 2022 Women’s History Month program, featuring exclusive originals. It’s a month of celebrating strong & unique women by spotlighting those who shine bright – across cultures, eras, music genres and talents. The cover version has squiggly harmonies, sunny guitar riffs and Remi’s signature indie-funk bassline. Listen here

Remi says, “I chose to record this song for the original because I’m a really big fan of Kali Uchis’, and I love the album she put out last year. This is one of my favourite songs from that album, and I think it’s a very special tune that I wanted to make my own rendition of.”

This release comes hot on the heels of her acclaimed debut album “Juno”, which vibrantly welcomed listeners into the kaleidoscopic, chaotically eclectic world that she has curated with her artistry.

Written and recorded throughout the pandemic, the album explores the triumphant highs and candid lows of the rising songwriter’s career thus far – showcasing Wolf’s clever and endearing lyricism and glittering instrumentation drawn from her wide-ranging array of influences. The album earned rave reviews

Remi has just announced that she will play two shows in the UK, hitting Manchester and London in June as well as a round of dates in Europe! Tickets are available for the UK dates from today at 9:00am via

All eyes are firmly set on Remi Wolf, as she has cemented herself as a genre-bending star in the making!


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