Earmarking a moment 14 years in the making, breakout alt-pop artist Ricky Montgomery tells the story he always wanted to tell on his touching new single and music video “Black Fins” out now via Warner Records. Listen HERE and watch HERE.

“Black Fins” recounts one of the most pivotal moments of Ricky’s life: his father’s 2009 suicide in Mexico, initially thought to be a scuba-diving accident until Ricky found hand-written letters. Culled from a 2009 poem penned by a 15-year-old Ricky, he molded those initial teenage words into a timeless anthem of acceptance. For as much as it boldly faces tragedy head-on, the track also illuminates its creator’s growth to finally speak on both the loss itself and the estranged relationship with his father. What results is a starkly honest, strangely soothing, and softly triumphant catharsis of a song.

Ricky filmed the accompanying Madeline Leshner-directed visual in Mexico, coming full circle in this captivating vignette co-starring his sister, Mary Montgomery.

Ricky further elaborates, ‘Black Fins’ is about the long road toward forgiving [my father]. I’ve come to understand more about his situation: he was bipolar and manic, and money was slowly killing him. He lost his job during the recession, and they foreclosed on his house the same month he died. I’ve come close to poverty as an adult too, and know how it infects your mind. I can’t imagine what was happening inside of him.” 

He continues, “As a young kid, music was my only healthy outlet. Songs about deadbeat dads and abusive households made me feel more normal. Like I wasn’t so alone. But nobody had the same story I did. With this song, it is my hope that I can carry forth that tradition of helping other people feel seen. If even one kid out there feels some kind of kinship from this song, that’s a good enough reason to put it out there into the world.”

To continue that sentiment, Ricky has created a resources page for fans, further detailing his own experiences and information about the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. As he states, “There are no easy answers to suicide or grief, but hopefully the resources above will help you find a good place to start.” Visit the page here. 

On the heels of the release, Ricky will embark on the Bittersweet Daze tour next week, joining his close collaborators and friends Cavetown, mxmtoon, and grentperez

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