Southern rock trailblazers Robert Jon & The Wreck have once again captivated the music scene with their latest single, “Ballad of a Broken Hearted Man,” now available on all digital platforms. The song features exhilarating slide guitar, powerful whiskey-soaked vocals and captivating lyrics painting a vivid picture of heartache and resilience, resonating deeply with the listener. This latest offering of The Wreck’s unique blend of roots and Southern Rock embodies the hard-hitting country rock vibe of Chris Stapleton, Whiskey Myers, and Blackberry Smoke.

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“With an intro that places you on the set of a classic western and a mesmerizing guitar riff that takes you right into the action, ‘Ballad of a Broken Hearted Man’ is a story of just that,” the band describes. “Two people down on their luck trying to figure it out together, but for some reason, they never do.” the track showcases Robert Jon & The Wreck’s musical expertise, taking listeners on a journey through a captivating narrative.

Following the success of their previous singles “Help Yourself,” “Hold On,” and the high-energy rock anthem “Stone Cold Killer,” “Ballad of a Broken Hearted Man” is the latest single of their highly anticipated new studio album set to release in 2024. Alongside these hits, the band also recently released their studio album Ride Into The Light and the concert film Live At The Ancienne Belgique, showcasing their live prowess and ability to capture audiences with their performances.

Prolific songwriters with a wealth of new material who refuse to be constrained by traditional release strategies, the band’s new partnership with Joe Bonamassa’s Journeyman Records affords them the opportunity to work with the world’s top producers and release a steady stream of high-quality singles on an ongoing basis, cutting through the industry chaos and ensuring new music is accessible to fans as intended.

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