Rosie Darling has released “Villain” and it is a testament to her artistic prowess, as she effortlessly weaves together emotive lyrics and a captivating melody. The song delves deep into themes of inner conflict, vulnerability, and self-discovery, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of the human experience. With her signature ethereal voice, Rosie Darling draws audiences into a landscape that is both intimate and yet anthemic. Listen to “Villain” HERE. Watch the Visualiser for “Villain” below.

Rosie has this to say about the track – “Villain is about learning to be okay with being the ‘bad guy’ in someone else’s story. For some people it is easier to blame others than to take responsibility for their role in their own suffering, and this song is my way of letting those relationships go instead of trying to continuously fix them. Once you learn that universal truth that not everyone will understand you and your heart, it is easier to let go.”

Rosie Darling’s musical journey has been marked by a series of critically acclaimed releases, each showcasing her quiet and immense talent – “Villain” is no exception. Following this single Rosie will embark on a US tour with labelmate Katelyn Tarver starting on September 6.

Rosie’s debut full length album, “Lanterns” is like a secret read of someone’s diary – relatable and sensitive.

Full Track List:
1. Lost on You
2. Boxes
3. Good Things
4. I’m Different Now
5. Justify
6. Nail In The Coffin ft. Boy in Space
7. Overthrown
8. Villain
9. What’s The Point

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