22 year old songstress RoZe shares her stunning debut EP ‘Greener Grass’ with the world (Listen Here). The release also comes alongside the uplifting lead single ‘Saturday’ Stream here, and accompanying music video.

Fixed with an infectious synth pattern which boasts a playful and euphoric tone, RoZe’s latest release of ‘Saturday’ is her most heartwarming release yet. With RoZe’s candid vocals leading the track with lyrics of self-doubt and vulnerability, she gradually builds to a climax which erupts into a chorus of positivity partnered with ascending keys and pulsing drum beats, which are richly tied together with RoZe’s smiley sounding melodies.

Talking about the track, RoZe says “I wrote this at a time where I felt like I cared more about everyone else than they cared about me. The first two lines of the song describe that perfectly. But when I found my person, I felt seen and loved, like I mattered! This song describes the transformation from insecurity, feeling unlovable and alone, to feeling like you can fly and everybody’s happy to see me!”

Across five tracks that range from tender ‘Fantasy’, spunky ‘Survival Mode’ and eccentric ‘Voices In My Head’ the singer’s sleek and syrupy vocals convey the emotional resilience she needed to reach greener pastures. Amidst twinkling soundscapes, zigzagging basslines and snappy beats, the singer reclaims her past and reaffirms her plucky spirit. “We obviously all know the saying about greener grass – it means a better place,” she says.

On the release of her debut EP, RoZe comments “From walking on broken glass to walking on greener grass, it’s about moving from darkness to light. It’s about going from my dark, traumatic childhood to finding the everlasting light, love, and freedom within myself. It’s time to release myself from the versions of myself that I created in order to survive. We always seem to focus on how other people seem to be in a better situation, how the grass is greener on the other side, when it’s actually something you can change within yourself. I always found myself looking at how the grass is greener in someone else’s life until I realised I had neglected my own grass. You can only make your own grass greener by giving it enough love and light. No matter how dark it gets, seek the light within yourself, and the grass will be greener, and the world will be better.”

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