Lina Maxine has today released her latest offering, RUBIX. Showcasing a seductive and sensual side to Lina, she has explained, “Rubik’s cube is a popular puzzle, one of my favourites because of its vibrant colours and characteristic ‘satisfying’ sounds when rotating and snapping the layers. We actually recorded the sounds of the Rubik’s cube, and used it as an acoustic texture in the song. Lyrically, I used the cube as a metaphor for ‘toying’ with someone: ‘Said you wanted to solve me, but played me instead.’” Listen here.

Lina recently announced the release of her debut EP, MIND GAMES for 20th April. It spans six tracks exploring themes such as self-worth, romance and revenge, and includes previous singles SHALL WE? and MANGO. The process of writing and recording MIND GAMES was a sort of cognitive intervention for Lina, as the world was falling apart. She hopes she can facilitate the important conversation about how music can be a tool for healing, and uniting people. Pre-save here.

Lina says of the release, “This EP is a collection of true stories from my life made into symbolic musical anecdotes. I hope that those listening can relate to some of the situations, feelings, or metaphors in my music. I have grown so much as an artist and as an individual from putting down first lyric ideas to understanding the nitty-gritty of production and mix engineering. As I continue to nurture my own unique and recognisable sound I will always refer back to this EP as my first sincere and unapologetic experiment.”

Lina made her long-awaited live debut in New York City last year, at The Cutting Room. The rising star then played a sold out show at London’s iconic The Bedford in Balham, just days after.

Growing up, Lina participated in a number of singing showcases and national competitions and went on to become a lead singer in a jazz band at the renown Ivy League school, Brown University in the US, where she pursued a degree in neuroscience. Showing no signs of slowing down, Lina went on to earn herself a Master’s degree in neurobiology at the prestigious Oxford University. She did this whilst honing her craft; writing, producing, mixing and playing bass.

Lina is now producing and collaborating with industry professionals in London’s Tileyard Studios. Lina continues to draw inspiration from science, particularly the brain and its many mysteries. Lina’s passions go further than just music, she is an advocate for mental health, and strives to amplify voices of scientific and medical communities through her platform.

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