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RY X releases new album ‘Blood Moon’

The multifaceted, transcendental set features thirteen beautifully arranged songs

RY X today releases his critically acclaimed third studio album ‘Blood Moon’. The multifaceted, transcendental set features thirteen beautifully arranged songs which sees RY X meditate upon the relationships he has experienced over the years. From that introspective angle, the singer, songwriter and producer has crafted a philosophical collection which observes and asks questions regarding an integral aspect of the human condition.

RY X further brings ‘Blood Moon’ under focus with its new track ‘A Thousand Knives’. Watch the official video HERE. Multilayered vocal harmonies rise in a glistening cathedral of sound, creating an illusion in which RY X appears to be leading an entire congregation of voices. Initially the production is sparse, accompanied by little more than a solitary acoustic guitar. But then in a trademark RY X twist, he takes it somewhere unexpected as beats, both manipulated and organic, march to attention. The atmosphere is further coloured by synth textures that lurk deep within the mix.

RY X says, “‘A Thousand Knives’ was one of the first songs I wrote and finished for the album. I felt an immediate kinship with it, a connection that stays with me still. It took on the shape of a revelatory lament of love, almost in premonition form around a love that wasn’t meant to be, but one that carried deep weight and gravity. As I leaned in to record it I knew I wanted it to express both the rawness and the beauty my heart felt about the situation I was swimming in. 

I tracked the guitar and vocal live in one take through an old Studer desk, carrying all the hiss of analogue weight with it, then built stacks of vocals and synth drones around it. I layered flamenco-style claps and percussions then built drum machine sequences and sounds to deepen its expression. I asked dear old loves to sing it with me and I like that it is now impressioned with all of that essence as it goes into the world.”

While ‘Blood Moon’ is now available digitally, the album’s physical formats will be released on August 26th. The CD and new merch designs are available exclusively via RY X’s official store, while a limited edition smokey double-vinyl will be available from his official store as well as HMV and key indie record stores. The standard double-vinyl is a deep red edition. All formats are available to pre-order HERE.

Today brings another big moment for RY X with the news that he contributed to ‘Sticky’, a track from Drake’s surprise new album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’. The song samples an unreleased track that RY X had been working on with producer Carnage. The two artists share the production on the track, and are credited as co-writers alongside Drake.

RY X will follow the release of ‘Blood Moon’ with extensive worldwide touring. He will play across Europe in July and August, before touring North America in September and October. His next UK visit features two intimate special shows for Communion at a woodland stage at Home Farm, on the borders between London and Hertfordshire. He will then return in March 2023 to play two Roundhouse shows with The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

RY X’s UK shows are listed below. Please see here for details of all his upcoming international dates.


4th – Hertfordshire, Home Farm

5th – Hertfordshire, Home Farm


29th – London, Roundhouse (SOLD OUT)

30th – London, Roundhouse (ADDED SHOW)