Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts have just released another track off their upcoming album ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ out on September 18th via Wicked Cool Records.

Stream “OH NO” (featuring Letters To Cleo’s Kay Hanley) on all digital platforms here: https://orcd.co/oh-no.

Watch the video (which consists of nearly 2,000 still photos) below.

Ryan says, “I’m super proud of the concept of this song. Flipping all those classic songs on their heads. Plus, I got to sing it with my friend Kay.”

Album pre-orders: https://orcd.co/nowheretogobuteverywhere.

The follow up to 2019’s ‘This Is The Sound’ (which won an Independent Music Award for ‘Best Indie Album’), ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ was written by Ryan during a long road trip across the USA with his dog Peaches, while coming to terms with his recent divorce. He filmed the trek, which resulted in ‘Communique’– an inspiring and deeply personal mini-documentary, part one of which debuted this week on Glide Magazine. Check back on the site each week for new episodes, all leading up to the release of ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere.’

Ryan describes the upcoming album as, “a group of songs about heartbreak, and finding yourself.”

A transatlantic collaboration, Ryan hails from Austin, Texas, while his backing band The Harlequin Ghosts are based in the U.K.

The open road has beckoned to generations of artists, writers, and seekers of authentic experience. For acclaimed singer/songwriter Ryan Hamilton, jumping into a minivan with his pup Peaches and driving from home near Fort Worth, Texas through the Southwest out to California last fall was not just catharsis, it was an unexpected impetus to create ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere,’ his formidable new album with The Harlequin Ghosts.

Releasing September 18 on Wicked Cool Records, ‘Nowhere…’ follows quickly on the heels of the band’s 2019 label debut ‘This Is The Sound,’ which won Album of the Year at the Independent Music Awards and was praised as “masterful” (RPM) and “spectacular” (Adam Duritz of Counting Crows). Both the title cut and “Mamacita” were playlisted on more than 100 U.K. radio stations and heard throughout Europe and the Americas on syndicated radio.




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