NI Music prize nominee Sam Wickens has released his new single ‘Strange.24’ and announcing a new EP ‘Watson’ due for release on 5th February 2021. The first release since releasing his critically acclaimed debut album ‘All I’ve Seen‘ last year, Strange.24 sees Wickens progress once more as the songwriting juggernaut he has already proven himself to be. Combining slick production with raw feeling, Strange.24 showcases Sam’s vocal prowess and his ability to suck the listener into his musical universe.

Compared to Jeff Buckley, John Martyn, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Waits, Sam is a soulful writer and performer with a restless creativity,conveying a personal blend of Electronic, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Indie. This young and gifted 20-something artist humbly plies his craft with a focused sincerity, and has created a style of his own: consistently delivering on his reputation as a bewitching live performer.

About his new single “Strange.24” Sam says “It’s a song about the acceptance of recovering from a battle with mental illness, The feeling of something changing within my life and trying to accept that it is actually happening. After fighting with mental illnesses for such a long time, the possibility of it leaving was a complete myth to me. Life without deep hopelessness seemed strange to me as I was accustomed to the black hole that was my normality. Just as you would need to get used to living in a new home, I had to get used to living as a person that was no longer mentally ill. This song was a therapeutic way to help me move on with my recovery.”

Sam will also be playing his first live show in over a year in The Workmans Club in Dublin on the 1st of April, 2021. Tickets are €14 and can be purchased here

‘Strange.24’ is the lead single from Sam’s forthcoming ‘Watson’ EP, due for release on 5th February 2021.

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