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Samuel Jack releases new single ‘Borderline’

“‘Borderline’ is a song about the desire to go back to a make or break moment and make a different choice.”

UK singer-songwriter Samuel Jack has dedicated his life to music in such a way that there was never a plan B. But when lockdown struck as he was in the middle of rehearsals it pushed him into grave uncertainty: unable to tour and with no alternative plan in mind. Yet fate had other ideas as his song, ‘Feels Like Summer’, suddenly went unexpectedly viral leading to over 50 million streams to date. Since then he has gone from strength-to-strength and has a new chapter on the horizon when his debut album ‘The Gold & The Glory’ is released on June 16th.
Now Samuel pushes forwards by sharing the album’s second single and opening track ‘Borderline’. It’s a song which makes for a captivating introduction to Samuel’s talent, as his passionate pop vocal tells a story of yearning and regret, yet it still surges with the optimism and positivity that the best is yet to come. The music is just as life-affirming as it quickly builds from a simple piano introduction and into an energising, anthemic chorus that’s a perfect match for the summer months to come.  Listen HERE.

Samuel says, “‘Borderline’ is a song about the desire to go back to a make or break moment and make a different choice. Sometimes the decisions we make are hard to swallow, especially in love. ‘Borderline’ is a song that shouts that very sentiment from the rooftops.”
‘Borderline’ was written by Samuel with Chris Young (Jack Savoretti, Ella Eyre) and Patch Boshell (Mark Mendy, Rita Ora), the latter of whom produced the track with Owen Thomas (Hayley Kiyoko).
‘Borderline’ joins ‘Sun Goes Down’ and ‘Those Days’ in providing a window into what to expect from ‘The Gold & The Glory’. Samuel’s songs explore universal experiences from a personal perspective: relationships that fade before others blossom; the passing of his father; and persevering to conquer your own self-doubts. Set to a soundtrack that very naturally merges singer-songwriter reflection, immediate pop, soulful flourishes and a little blues and hip-hop, Samuel has created a debut body of work which can engage fans on multiple levels.
‘The Gold & The Glory’ is available to pre-order or pre-save HERE. His official store offers bundles which combine a signed CD with new merch designs.