sandy crow, the long-awaited new musical project from acclaimed British actor and director, Jamie Flatters, releases his second single ‘Regret It’. A true artistic visionary, Jamie has also self-produced and, alongside Benjamin Darville co-directed the stunning official music video.

Known for his phenomenal performance in Avatar: The Way Of The Water among others, Jamie is a multi-hyphenate creative and after five years of independently crafting his artistry, he has recently launched his long-awaited musical debut under the alias of sandy crow.

‘Regret It’ plunges the listener into a psychedelic melody, which accompanied by Jamie’s distorted vocals creates a freeing and liberating track. The single follows on from sandy crow’s recently released double-side debut single, ‘LEARNING 037’ and ‘Ur best day’.

Shot under the Dartford Crossing, along the embankment in Grays, Essex, sandy crow takes on the industrial wasteland that makes him feel like the ogre under the bridge, isolated from the success of the big city but also cut off from peaceful suburban living on the other side of the water. Discussing the video, Jamie describes it as “offsetting sandy crow’s obnoxious joy at regretting all he’s lost by situating him in a desolate yet imposing landscape. Just like sandy crow, the factories that surround our story, which once knew better days, are now abandoned.” Jamie co-directed the video alongside Benjamin Darville, and it was shot on his personal Paillard Bolex from 1935 – an intentional decision to shoot on film to place him in a liminal space in time.

Discussing the new single, Jamie says “We had an evening session jamming song ideas, and this song’s hook came out instantly. A lot of the track’s production is re-sampled from the original voice note. We wanted to create something which felt free in space, like the singer is actually in the next room and we are just over hearing his drunken rant. The whole process to completion was just about holding onto the randomness & freedom of that initial idea.”

With more music to come through 2024, sandy crow is undoubtedly One To Watch to 2024.

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