Santino Le Saint shares the smouldering visuals for his new single ‘Unholy’ directed by CIRCE & Henri Calderon. Filmed between LA and Brixton; the surreal visual finds the young star battling two sides of himself. The film’s denouement sees Santino bathed in moonlight, transported to a dreamlike sequence whilst in the throes of a romantic reawakening.

Speaking on ‘Unholy’, Santino said –

“In the heat of an argument my girlfriend said “you’ve done so much bad that you can never be good.” On my way home I walked past a Church with a massive banner that said ‘God loves you’. With my girlfriend’s words still in my ears I wrote & produced ‘Unholy’ as soon as I got home. It’s about the pain of not knowing if I’ll ever be the angel that she wants me to be. My guitar solo at the end sums up all the chaotic doubt and frustration.”

‘Unholy’ appears on Santino’s debut mixtape Rage Of Angels released earlier this year. Produced and written by Santino; Rage of Angels is confident and genre-bending, the 10-track collection drawing influence from artists such as Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean. Featuring cinematic cuts ‘Maria Don’t Call Me’, ‘Bullet With My Name On It’ and ‘Call You When I Get Home’; the passionate project sees Santino meld his love for hip hop and reverb-heavy guitar riffs.  LISTEN/STREAM HERE

As the son of legendary hip-hop producer Charlie Parker (57 Dynasty), 22-year-old Santino Le Saint grew up around music, learning piano and guitar from age 8. Santino’s overcast and cinematic productions are often accompanied by his signature electric guitar solos. Just 3 years into his musical career, Santino has grown an impassioned following with his fans travelling from across the globe to witness his enigmatic live shows.

The prolific & independent 22-year old from Brixton once again proves why he is an outlier in UK R&B

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