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‘Sausage Rolls For Everyone’ new from Ladbaby

LadBaby will attempt to make chart history for charity as they bid for their 4th Christmas No.1 with new single ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’. 

LadBaby will attempt to make chart history for charity as they bid for their 4th Christmas No.1 with new single ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without LadBaby. Mark & Rox have conquered the charts for three years in a row, shooting straight to #1 with ‘We Built This City on Sausage Rolls’ (2018) , ‘I Love Sausage Rolls’ (2019) and  Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ (2020).

Today they release ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’, their tongue-in-cheek take of Ed and Elton’s No.1 festive hit ‘Merry Christmas’, which benefits The Trussell Trust, whose mission is to end hunger and poverty in the UK.

‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’ is an up tempo parody that all families can enjoy and relate to with the opening verse kicking off, “Let’s have a party it’s Christmas Day, Your Mum’s cooking turkey, but been moaning since yesterday, The presents are open and the bin bags are put away, Just until Boxing Day, Let’s dance,  Merry Christmas!”

The song is released alongside a hilarious, feel-good video which starts with Mark sneaking Ed and Elton into a music studio past disparaging paparazzi cunningly disguised as  sausage rolls.  Mark sets the tone with his opening line “Come and sing and dance to sausage rolls with me” as he is joined by Rox and the family in full-on  festive mode surrounded by a multitude of  Christmas and sausage roll props as they sing and dance joyfully throughout.

A full on Christmas extravaganza, Ed can be seen joining Mark and Rox in full song whilst playing a sausage roll guitar in a sausage roll Christmas jumper and sausage roll Christmas hat. Elton joins the fun too, belting out the track  from a decorated piano in Christmas glasses with some secret sausage roll socks tucked into his trademark glitter-platforms. Ed and Elton chomp on sausage rolls throughout, with Elton qiuping at the end. “ I haven’t had a sausage roll in years’.

Mark and Rox said, “Trying to keep this video under wraps was so hard, so when you see us bundling Ed and Elton into the studio dressed as sausage rolls, that was a genuine ploy to try and keep everything secret!  We had so much fun making this video, Ed and Elton were great sports.

But behind the hilarity, the reason for making the track  is to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Trussell Trust.  Please do not assume that just because we’ve convinced some big music industry names to help sing on the track that we will hit #1 without your help. We need EVERYONE to download the track and help us try and make history!  We HAVE to do whatever it takes to build a future where all of us can afford to go to sleep with a full stomach.”

Elton said,”LadBaby are just the nicest people in the world, and they raise so much money each and every year for The Trussell Trust. It’s really important that people download and stream this record so that people who need the support can have a meal this Christmas.”

Ed said, “I’m proud to be supporting and featuring on LadBaby’s very fun rework of Merry Christmas. All profits will be donated to The Trussell Trust which is a very wonderful and important charity, so make sure you stream it, buy it and play it on repeat”.